This year promises to be an exciting one for upcoming musicians as Gbeduhour Entertainment, launches a platform with events designed to inspire and improve the Nigerian music industry.
Artists will have opportunity to win various prizes including the grand prize, which will be announced on February 1, the launch date.
Having seen a vacuum in the industry and the somewhat limited opportunities good up and coming musicians have performing on some of the grandest stages and showcasing their talents, the founder and chief executive of Gbeduhour, Babajide Igun, realised the need for more avenues to ensure these artists have limitless opportunities to blossom.
Speaking on the project, Babajide said “I’ve been working on this project for about three years. The Nigerian music industry is becoming more demanding and there’s a need to continue satisfying the listeners. Gbeduhour is all about providing that stepping stone that upcoming artists need to enter the mainstream.”
Amongst its many offerings, Gbeduhour will provide free music beats on a monthly basis from seasoned producers, home and abroad, for artistes to make a recording on. To use this platform, artists must first register on and then they will be granted access to download these music beats for use.
A deadline for each competition will be set, and immediately after, an online voting process will commence to determine the monthly winner of the grand prize. In between competitions, there will be weekly prizes for music fans to win.
On the impact this will have on the music industry, Babajide Igun, believes it will enhance it, empower artistes, benefit the listeners, and further enhance Nigeria’s status as the home of music.
“Currently, the Nigerian music industry is the number one in Africa and the opportunities that are in it are quite numerous, and we are only taking advantage of it. One of our aims is to empower Nigerian artists and we have devised various means to achieve that.”