Results that emanated from different polling units at about in Enugu metropolis show that the PDP governorship candidate, Gburugburu is leading other candidates with a wide margin.

Investigation shows that the results disclosed so far, Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, gburugbu, scores about 80 to 150 votes whereas others hardly score beyond 10 to 20 votes.

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This is a clear testimony that all the endorsements and supports Gburugburu had been getting from individuals and organisations had not been in vain.

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Prior to the election, not less than 10 political parties adopted him apart from those that fielded candidates for the election.

Although it is too early to know who would eventually emerge victorious, there are clear indication that Gburugburu will eventually carry the day.

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“From what I have seen from the results from different polling units, nothing will make Ugwuanyi not to win,” John Eze an electorate said.
Emmanuel Nweze