There is no doubt that the greatest problem facing the world today is the problem of terrorism. It has grown both in ferocity and audacity. They now have fire power strong enough to withstand coalition of forces of different nations. From isolated cases of terrorist attacks, which were more of a hit-and-run operation, the world is now confronted with the problem of terrorist organizations that now have the audacity to declare their own state. ISIS has become a monster that can destroy the world. They have reduced to a child’s play whatever record of brutality and bestiality the late Osama bin Laden perpetrated with his notorious group, Al Qaeda.
The irony of the whole issue is that these criminal elements have a way of manipulating those claiming to be fighting against it. Whenever their geopolitical interest is , they resort to any foul means including dinning with the devils. For instance, the United States which claims to be the number one enemy of terrorism has been responsible for the grooming and arming of terrorist organizations. They nurtured Al Qaeda in Afghanistan to become a monster it is now across the globe. Then it was to spite Russia. Just few years ago, they clandestinely armed ISIS with the cooperation of Saudi Arabia to overthrow Syrian President, Bashar al Assad. ISIS is turning out to be the most brutal terrorist group the world has ever seen. All the values known to Islam which the group claims to be espousing have been turned upside down.
At the beginning of the crisis in Syria, Saudi Arabia was in the forefront of the coalition that believed that Assad must be toppled. In that struggle there was no rules of engagement. Anything was fair as long as it could see Assad out of office. Ably assisted by the US, the coalition led by Saudi Arabia secured the assistance of a motley crowd of Islamic fundamentalists around the Moslem world and unleashed them on Syria. Billions of dollars and the latest of lethal weapons from America ’s military industrial complex were put at the disposal of these criminal gangs. They killed thousands of innocent Syrians and subjected many to inhumane treatment as they tried to rule their enclaves under a so called strict Islamic law. But they could not overthrow Assad as Russia and China promptly blocked attempts by the US to secure UN Security Council resolution for a military action.
The overt involvement of Saudi Arabia in the fight against Assad is turning out to be the worst political calculation of the Kingdom in its recent history. It is not only Saudi Arabia that is now in danger of ISIS attack but it has put the whole of the Arabian Peninsula in the watch list. The beginning of this year was marked by a number of events that threaten the stability of the Arabian Peninsula. The first was the attack on the Saudi border post in Suveyfe by ISIS and the victory of the Shiite revolution in Yemen. In addition, the death of Saudi King Abdullah highlighted the complicated tangle of problems related to the functioning of government institutions in Saudi Arabia.
The worst situation now is the declaration by ISIS to conquer Saudi Arabia which has direct link with Saudi’s short sighted policy on Syria, Iraq and Iran , as well as ISIS. An ISIS laid out in their own page on the internet that under the command of Sheikh Al-Baghdadi they will kill all those who worship idols in Mecca . In their sacrilegious statement, ISIS claimed that the purpose of Muslims holy pilgrimage to Mecca shrine is to worship idols. The terrorist organizations see holy pilgrimage as the worship of idols, and swore by Allah that soon members of ISIS will destroy the Kaaba when they conquer Saudi Arabia, especially the control of all oil-bearing regions of the country.
Nobody will take the threat of ISIS threat for granted. Perhaps these statements come true. It is still a source of surprise to all how the terrorists successfully attacked the well guarded check point in Suveyfe. On January 5 this year jihadists infiltrated from Iraq on Saudi territory, killing three guards, including a brigadier general. This forced Saudi authorities to urgently erect the barrier along the border with Iraq and Jordan.
How the militants penetrate the well-guarded border zone could be a mystery, but it is no longer secret that much of the population of the kingdom is sympathetic to religious extremism. It is a well known fact that thousands of ISIS fighters are Saudi nationals. They have the desire tooverthrow the current Saudi regime. They believe that the regime is corrupt and pro-American. We must be reminded that Osama bin Laden and most of the terrorists who organized the attacks of September 11, 2001, were from Saudi Arabia
A few days ago, a group of armed terrorists made another attack on border towns in eastern Saudi Arabia . This region is one of the leading oil producers for the Kingdom. Local security forces promptly raided, resulting in the arrest of about 20 militant underground groups, consisting mainly of those who previously fought in the ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Those arrested included its leader and commander of the armed wing, the name of which is being carefully guarded by the authorities. He is believed to have recently arrived from the combat zone in Syria.
There is another event in the Saudi city of Dalva, where terrorists killed several dozen Shiites, a development that was hidden from the media just to avoid the confirmation that was under real threat by ISIS and the serious instability threatening the foundations of the ruling Wahhabi regime. On several occasions, the authorities have assured that everything is under control and ISIS will not dare to invade. Whether ISIS has the capacity to launch the scale of attack it has been boasting of is what many people don’t know. Now we can not exclude a large-scale invasion. And the Saudis stay ready, wait and pray.
Just in January 2014 Riyadh allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to support the ISIS, to fight the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Help was suspended only after the beginning of the fight between ISIS front “An-Nusra” and “Free Syrian Army”, which is also funded by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. In March 2014, realizing the threat to its national security, Saudi Arabia was forced to declare ISIS “terrorist organization” and promulgated a law puts to prison all returnees jihadists. The royal family accused the returnee terrorists of “trying to sow discord and encourage young Saudis to revolt.” In response ISIS called for the overthrow of the Saudi monarchy and the release of the holy places of Islam. ISIS promised to destroy the Kaaba.
ISIS and the Arabian branch of Al Qaeda have declared their intention to overthrow the Saudi regime and establish control over the oil industry for its strategic objectives. Many Arab political analysts predicted that Riyadh will be targeted for revenge by ISIS because of the role it started playing since October 2014 by joining the United States and NATO coalition that has been bombing ISIS positions in Syria and Iraq . The irony is that Saudi Arabia is turning out to be a victim of its hasty policy in Syria just to please the US by sponsoring and arming extremists just because the regime wants to overthrow the government in Syria. The desperate search for geopolitical power by Saudi Arabia, which pushed her to make friend with the devils (extremist) is now the cause of its present predicament.

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Attah writes from Makurdi Benue State