The German parliament has voted in favour of starting negotiations on Greece’s €86bn (£60bn) bailout deal.
The motion passed with a clear majority, with 439 MPs in favour, 119 votes against and 40 abstentions.
Prior to the vote, Chancellor Angela Merkel warned of “predictable chaos” if the Bundestag did not back the plan.
The Greek parliament has already voted in favour of the hard-hitting austerity measures required by the eurozone for a third bailout deal.
On Thursday, the European Central Bank (ECB) raised the level of emergency funding available. This has paved the way for Greek banks, which shut nearly three weeks ago, to reopen on Monday.
But credit controls limiting cash withdrawals to €60 a day will only be eased gradually, officials say.
Separately on Friday, the European Council approved a €7bn bridging loan for Greece from an EU-wide emergency fund. The loan was approved in principle by eurozone ministers on Thursday, but required consultation with non-euro states.
It means Greece will now be able to repay debts to two of its creditors, the ECB and International Monetary Fund (IMF), due on Monday.

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