THE WORLD Health Organization, WHO, has given out tips to the teeming human population across the world on how to live a healthy life in the New Year. According to WHO’s New Year tips for healthy living in the year 2017, some of the vital tips to be observed include- To stay alive, individuals should aim for at least 2hour and 20 minutes of physical activity per week. To eat healthier, individuals should try to consume less than 5g of salt and less than 25g of sugar per day. People should quit smoking because one year of quitting shows the risk of heart disease is halved. Also people should avoid or minimize alcohol use. 25% of all adults for 20- 39 year olds are linked to alcohol use. As much as possible and particularly for under-five children people should get vaccinated
because vaccines prevent disabilities, diseases and deaths. Adults should practice safer sex, which includes using condoms to prevent sexually transmitted infections.
To manage stress, individuals should identify their stress factors and seek family members, friends and professionals. People should be safe on the roads by always wearing vehicle
seat belts, wear helmets, and don’t speed or drink and drive and finally people should inculcate the practice of good hygiene by washing your hands thoroughly and regularly to prevent diseases.