What kind of vision do you have that you do not write? What kind of plan do you have that you do not write? God is not a dummy that when he told a man to write, he knew that what you write, you give commitments to achieve.
Write down your vision… I will drive a brand new car this year, write it down. It is not enough to know, write it down. Everything you write gives you running power. The reason that you are so tired and weak is because your vision is not written them down. Don’t only write your vision; write the timing of your vision.
In the Holy Bible, Luke 14 v 28 reads: for which of you, intending to build a tower, sit not down first and count the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it? Verse 29: lest haply, after he hath the foundation and is not able to finish it.
All that behold it began to mock him, why because he has no goals, he has no plans. God does not want us to build that way; we are children of God. God said let us make man; he thought about it first, what will the man be doing before he even created man.
You should have a testimony. Why? It is because you know what you want, you plan what you want, you write down what you want and you have set away to achieve it. Come to proverb 21 v 5, the thought of the diligent tend only to plenteousness; but of every one that hasty only to want. Diligence is the only way to abundance. It is not enough to receive prophecy; you need to be diligent. The goal you set will help you to be diligent. The following are reasons why you have to write it down:
Goals make you healthy. It makes you happy and brings out the best in you. Your health is affected when you know what you want to do. When you become double minded, science showed that stress in your life increases. James 1 verse 8 said that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. But when you exactly what you are going to do, you will be stronger, you blood will be bobbling.
Goals will take away mistakes from your life. A lot of people fail because of mistakes, mistakes that come from impulses, we call it impulsive mistakes. My life will not be based on impulses. Goals increase your energy per unite terms. A goal will bring your vision close to you. The goals you set for yourself activate your energy. Goals increase your self esteem and value. When you talk about what you want to do, don’t you know how happy you feel even when you have not done it? When you talk about your goals in life, it refreshes you, it makes you feel like you are doing something good with your life. That is why it is good to have goals. The reason why some people don’t have self-esteem is because they don’t have goals. When you look at all that you have to do in a year, it makes you to feel that you are going somewhere in life. Let us look at football scenario, when you want to score a goal there are three sets of people that will stand on your way; they are the attackers, the defender and the goalkeeper. The devil has attackers, he has defender and the goalkeeper. You will be willing to dribble attackers, the defender and the goalkeeper in order to score the goal. But if you must score your
goals, you must be able to refuse discouragement, refuse distraction and you will be able to refuse defeat. There is nothing wrong with new opportunity but don’t let the opportunity swallow your goals. Even when you have new opportunity, embrace your goals. You cannot be everywhere, decide what you want to do, put your energy there and get the result. Every problem was born with a solution. Those who refused to be defeated become champions in life.

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Why do people fail when they set goals?
Let us consider some elements that made people to set goals and still fail; When your goals are not attainable. Attainable in the sense that for example somebody is earning 100 thousand naira every month and say that he want to build a duplex in Banana Inland this year, are you ok? Some people are setting some funny goals. They say write your prayer point and bring to the altar and you write ‘I want to buy a private jet this year’ and you are in SS2, what kind of prayer point is that? Avoid unrealistic goals.
Goals fail because they don’t consider other factors. Goals that do not consider the big picture will never succeed. For example, you said that you want to pray for 24 hours a day, how is it possible, wouldn’t you go to work? Goals fail because they are not measurable. You be able to measure your goals.

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Underestimating other elements
If you want other goals to work, you cannot underestimate other factors. You have to be able to predict rightly, if you cannot predict accurately, you will not succeed. You must be able to picture things will go and how it will go.

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Goals that are motivating enough
If you set goals that are not motivating you then adjust your goals. When your goals don’t motivate you, it affects you negatively. Goals fail because they are not in line with the will of God in your life. This is when you set a goal that is not consistent with what God has for you. When you set your goals God will direct you on the way he wants you to do it. Man makes his way but God detects his way.
Let us close with Psalm 37 verse 4; delight thyself also in the Lord and he shall give you the desires of thy heart. Let God be pleasurable to you that is what it says, let God be sweet, let God be interesting to you. If you pray because you have time; then where is you sacrifice? Everything is about sacrifice; you cannot serve God without sacrifice. There is no service without sacrifices. When you give to God because you have where is the sacrifice? Let the things of God be sweet to you. As you discipline yourself suddenly it will become reality and you see yourself working in it.
Adapted from a sermon on Goal setting by Dr. Wealth, the General Overseer of Gospel Pillars Church