Speaker, Gombe State House of Assemble, Honourable Inuwa Garba has debunked a publication indicting him in a Nigerian daily newspaper (not Nigerian Pilot that he dismantled the borehole he constructed for Garin Bappi in his constituency as aftermath of his failed bid to be re-elected into the House for the fourth consecutive time.
Addressing a press conference on the matter, the Speaker described the issues as very unfortunate and that to the best of his knowledge, there was nothing of that nature.
He said he had constituency projects worth over N40 million to his name, including the one in question, despite that the House members do not make allowance available to members for projects.
“I deem it very fit to invite the attention of media organisations in Gombe state because of an issue I regard as very unfortunate, very unethical, very disgracing to the pen profession by one among your members by name David.
“I read on the newspaper he represents here in Gombe that I, honourable Inuwa Garba dismantled a borehole in my constituency in a village called Garin Bappi in my ward, in my constituency.
“As I am talking to you now, I am undergoing some projects in my constituency worth over N40 million from my pocket. From 2003 to date, there was never a day a member of Gombe State House of Assembly received one Kobo as Constituency Allowance. You can go and verify.
“After the report, I liaised with the Chairman Correspondents’ Chapel and NUJ Chairman, Gombe State Council so that I can do justice to David. I asked them if that happened because somebody may want to go and do that in my name,” he said.
The Speaker admitted threatening David, insisting that: “I threatened that I am going to court for defamation of my character, defamation of my integrity, defamation of the integrity of the institution I represent, defamation of the integrity of the family I come from and so many other issues”.
He urged journalists on ground to go and verify for themselves if the allegation was true or not: “If it is true, I am going to apologise in public. If not, I will demand N205 million.
“But only and only if David, in the same daily paper apologises in the same manner and the same way they smeared my name, defame my character and integrity. I will give only three days; that is in 72 hours. Anything less than that, we are going to court,” he said.
Responding Alhassan Yahya, Chairman, Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Gombe State Council admitted adequate briefing on the issue with a promise to deal decisively with the matter.

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