Ahead Easter Sunday, Good Friday is celebrated in global Christendom today. For the past five weeks Catholics have been preparing for the celebration of Easter. This preparation began with the Ash Wednesday culminating in the sixth week called holy week.
During the week Good Friday as a major day. The church honours, commemorates and celebrates the day as it marks the day Christ died. It is called Good Friday because of resurrection reflecting back on what St Paul if Christ did not resurrect what could have been for us. So if Christ did not resurrect, our faith would have been shamble.
A priest in Holy Rosary, Wuse Zone 2, Reverend Father Ebenezer N. Okoro said “When we reflect on resurrection of Christ and the strength or energizing force of our own life we will discover that apart from his death and resurrection our faith would have been shambled. The death of Christ on Good Friday is a necessary death for redemption of mankind. His death and resurrection redeemed us from necessary sin committed by Adam.
Rev. Okoro said there are many things a good Christian should deduce from the celebration of Good Friday.
He said: “If we reflect back on the scripture, during the past over, there was institution of Eucharist, which is celebration of his body and blood of Christ. Like today (yesterday) holy Thursday, the Catholics church celebrates Holy Thursday (maunde Thursday) on commemorating the institute of the Eucharist and this Eucharist is the vigorating force and this Eucharist is also an institution of the commandment for Love.
“During the Passover night he washed his apostle’s feet commanding them to do so to others which also shows humility. So, it was after this that Judas Iscariot betrayed him.
“Now looking at the passion of the Christ few minutes before this Good Friday; is institution of love, it is an institution of the Eucharist and the lesion to be drawn from the passion of Christ is love and humility.
Quoting the scripture, Fr. Okoro said: “Philippians chapter2 though he came in the form of God but he did not consider himself equal with God but he emptied himself even in the form of a servant; this is a sign of humility. He accepted death upon the cross of Calvary. So these are the things, when we celebrate Good Friday, we celebrate the humility of Christ for accepting death on the Calvary.
The catholic priest therefore revealed that the celebration of Good Friday calls for imitation of death of Christ on the cross.
Speaking on the brief history of the Easter celebration, Rev. Fr said every Sunday is a day of a resurrection, but this particular Esther Sunday is the day Christ resurrected from the dead, saying that: “The lesson we are to learn from Esther Sunday as the celebration is having insight of what Christ suffered for us, showing appreciation of his redemption to mankind.
“Esther Sunday dated back in the history of bible; when man disobeyed God and lost his friendship He reiterated his word to man saying ‘because you have disobeyed me, you are going to die a death which is in you’ but God did not abandon man in the power of death but he sent His son to reconcile man with Him again by dying for them.
However, Rev. Okoro said on the Esther Sunday, for good Christians, that should be a day of serious meditation; “like today calls for a serious mediation because when God created you he did not dialog with you on when you should return back to Him, meaning you can die at anytime. For that reason, when we are celebrating a thing like this, anything that will lead you to sin do your best to avoid it. Whatever you do on Esther Sunday that will not be a good reward or appreciation for what Christ did for you on the cross, you should come out of it. Redemption cannot be bought with money but a thing of heart. “We cannot continue to live as if we are in enmity with Christ,” he said.
He said Esther Sunday is a day of sharing gifts items with one another in line with the commandment of Love, saying that economic situation in the country will definitely affect the aura of the season when considered the material aspect but urged Christian to be more spiritual than physical.

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