“One must be a wise reader to quote wisely and well” Amos B. AlcoH. Governor Simon Bako Lalong in his one year in office has religiously followed the path of Amos B. AlcoH with the above quote. It is important to note some laudable quotes that the governor has made and which has shaped the path of his administration in the past 365 days in Plateau. Here are the quotes succinctly adumbrated.
In his one year in office “fellow citizens, today marks a memorable and auspicious period of double barrel celebration in the annals of our history, first, is the marking of my administration’s one year in office and second, is Democracy Day of our dear country, the Federal Republic of Nigeria. On these occasions, it is worth thanking Almighty God for His faithfulness, good health, peace and protection. I also congratulate all citizens for their loyalty, patience and continuous support in the journey so far.”
On assumption of office in May 29th 2015, the governor said “Among the myriad of problems and challenges we inherited from previous administration is a decayed and faulty education system. (He stated this recently while speaking at the graduation ceremony of Saint Louis College in Jos the State Capital).
Apparently guided by the words of Mike Murdock who says “Successful people are simply problem solvers” during the church thanksgiving service held at Saint Michael’s Catholic Parish, PWOMOI – Helpang in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of the state, Lalong pledged to unite the various tribes in the state and ensure that lasting peace was restored. He said, “I want to assure Plateau people that we will not sleep until peace is restored permanently in the state, because if our people in the rural areas cannot sleep, then we will not sleep as a government, and if we are to bring peace to Plateau State, it is a task that everybody must be involved in, even if it means sacrificing my life as the Governor to bring peace on the Plateau, I am ready to do it.…. I am calling on all people of the state, both Muslims and Christians to love one another, saying I am not a governor of a section of people, but the entire state.”
As a lawyer who understands the justice system perfectly and having been Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly during his political sojourn, Lalong while aligning with Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka who said “For me, justice is the first condition of humanity”. In his speech during his 1st year celebration in office, Governor Simon Bako Lalong said “Our administration will grant pardon to 28 inmates of Jos Prison. We have not been trying for prisoners in the state for many years, because they have not been granted amnesty here to the best of my knowledge … so for the first time in our own regime and as a lawyer, I said I will not start without granting amnesty; so 28 of them will be granted state pardon this week.”
Obviously as a man of peace and tranquility, Lalong while commenting on the issue of lasting peace in the state during mopping up of light arms/weapons delved into Newman and Berkowit archive that says “You cannot take charge of the present if you are busy relieving the setback of the past”. So, on the issue of mopping up light arms/weapons and during his speech at COCIN Church Plateau State, he said: “The security agencies are already doing that (mopping up light arms/weapons); we don’t want to announce that they are doing it, but we had warned people, if you know you are keeping weapons. It will be dangerous for you …. we have sent signals through traditional rulers, and we have told them not to keep weapons, the security agencies have been given the mandate, we don’t want people keeping weapons, because so long as they keep it, we will not be free from crisis. Having inherited crisis of confidence on peace and security in the state, and recognizing that peace and security are panacea for good governance, concerted efforts were made in ensuring early return and sustainability of these ingredients through the establishment of Bureau for Peace Building and Conflict Resolution. Let me call on all Spiritual Leaders and members of the church to continue to be on their knees in order to sustain the prayers to God to help us sustain the peace we are now enjoying in Plateau State
Similarly, he went on to explain that, “Our administration as a caring one would ensure that accessible, affordable, high quality health care are available to citizens of the state. We would build specialist hospitals in each of the three senatorial zones across the state, while upgrading facilities in all cottage and General Hospitals. Our government shall ensure that management teams in public hospitals are qualified and effective by applying a quality rating system to all hospitals and Primary Health Care System.
According to Charles DeGaulle, “Nothing great was ever achieved without great men, and men are great only if they are determined to be so”. Delving into DeGaulle school of thought, the governor was quoted as saying that “Many projects we are executing now were initiated by the past administration. We will not abandon them because they are for the people of Plateau State… The projects are for the benefit of the people and should not be discarded on the altar of political differences.”
On his visit to TETFUND, “We have engaged critical stake holders such as TETFUND, UBEC etc among others in our mission of rescuing and repositioning our schools as Centres of Excellence in Plateau State and we are satisfied with the positive signals we are receiving.”
There are what people think about Lalong’s government. Fir instance, a group called Plateau Youths for Change has commended the state government in a statement signed by its president, MaLunga Alex. According to the group, the governor has made efforts “to reunite the people of the state irrespective of religious, ethnic and party affiliation” within one year.
Alhaji Damnsa, a citizen of Jos said “The people are happy with Lalong administration for the rare decision to complete abandoned road projects. Such continuity is rare in the state as every administration that comes on board would not want to have anything to do with the projects of its predecessor.” The governor should take this away from Elmer Da Vic when he said, “The first and great commandment about critics is: Don’t Let Them – Scare you” to silence critics. Shikena!
Ibrahim, a commentator on national issue writes from Jos

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