Award-winning gospel act, Vivien Stephen has called on producers who shun gospel artistes to have a rethink.
She made the plea in an Interview with Nigerian Pilot where she stated that investing in gospel artistes would go a long way to produce benefits here and in the life after.
“Producers who shun gospel artistes should have a re-think because an investment in gospel artistes is an investment for this life and the life after. Your reward will surely be given to you in double measure. For some time gospel music and musicians have been on the downside in Nigeria.
According to her, the notion that gospel music has lost its place in the entertainment industry is a fallacy. “It has really not been easy for gospel artiste especially in Nigeria entertainment industry but I must state here that gospel music and musicians can never go distinct. Our genre of music is different and the devil will do everything to see that such genre of music is not promoted. That is why most time you see a lot of gospel artistes gets frustrated and get into secular.
“Some of these gospel artistes switch to secular music because of the money and the fame. But some of us do this not for the money but for the love of God and the desire to reach out to as many people as possible using music. I think so far the gospel musicians who have stood their grounds are doing well. A lot of us are creating impact in the music industry. Look at gospel artiste such as Frank Edwards, Samsong, Buchi, and many others, they are all doing great in the entertainment industry.”
Stephen, who started singing at the age of three said thanks to gospel music she has travelled across many continents:
“I started singing when I was very young precisely at the age of three and since then I have been riding on the clouds of gospel music. Gospel music has taken me to the leaps and bounds of this world. I was in war-torn Sierra Leone sometime ago, we were able to reach out to the people using gospel music, and I tell you that country is fast healing its wounds and developing as many other countries. We visit refugee camps and minister to the people building their hopes again.”
Vivien Stephen won the 2013 Best Gospel Artiste of the year in Nigeria.

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