Governor Mohammed Abubakar of Bauchi State has urged members of the House of Representatives facing allegations of having padded the 2016 budget to find ways of dealing with the crisis as members of the House without dragging his name into a matter he has no business with.
Reacting through his Press Secretary, Abubakar Al-Sadique in a statement made available to newsmen yesterday said, the allegations made against the governor by a member of House of Representatives published in one of the national dailies that the governor is one of those fuelling the crisis rocking the House as baseless.
The statement said in order to put the records straight, the governor of Bauchi is not fighting anybody, whether those in public office or not, and if anybody says he is fighting with the governor, the governor is not aware of it.
“Mohammed Abubakar is the governor of Bauchi State and not a member of the House of Representatives, neither does he has any business with the appointment of House committee members or any relationship with the embattled former Chairman of the House Appropriation Committee, and therefore wonders how he is fuelling the “continuation of the crisis” as alleges.”
He therefore said those fingered in the allegation of budget padding should address the issues raised and anybody dragging the name of the Bauchi State governor into this matter is only being mischievous and wicked, but will not succeed as the governor has remained focused on delivering on the mandate given to him by the people of Bauchi State.

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