NIGER State Governor, Dr
Muazu Babangida Aliyu has
said that the solution to the
frequent fuel crises facing the
country is the total removal
of subsidy from petroleum
products by the federal
Aliyu said in Minna yesterday
at the inauguration of a 3-star
hotel constructed jointly by
the Niger State Development
Company Limited, NSDC and
the State Sure-P that, removal
of fuel subsidy will also ensure
the activities of mafias in the oil
business are stopped while also
guaranteeing regular supply of
the product in all parts of the
The subsidy on petroleum
product, Aliyu argued, is
currently being enjoyed by only
a section of the society who has
the necessary connection to be
importers of the commodity.
“Unless fuel subsidy is
removed and we go back to the
real market we will continue to
have the type of problem facing
the country at the moment.
“Is it not an irony that we sell
crude oil and we end up buying
refined petroleum from the
international market?” Aliyu
He also suggested the
regionalisation of the
distribution of power instead of
making all parts of the country
to be on the National Grid.
Governor Aliyu said it was
also ironical that states that
had the resources to construct
power plants are being asked to
plough the energy generated to
the National Grid from where
they eventually got less than the
mega watts they have generated
to be shared in their state.
The governor said lack
of electricity in all parts of
the country has affected the
economic and social lives of the
people, adding: “we must begin
to consider regionalising the
energy sector to encourage the
growth of the economy.”
He used the event to express
appreciation to the people of
the state for supporting the
administration and maintaining
peace which he said has
been responsible for the
achievements the government
recorded in the last 8 years.
He sued for continued peace
in the state which he said is
essential for development,
adding that because of the peace
in the state in the last 8 years the
capital has expanded beyond
the scope of urban development
because people come to areas
where there is peace.
Director General of the State
Sure-P Board, Alhaji Hassan
Nuhu in his address said
the 50 bed 3-star Hotel was
constructed at over N620million
and had been given to a private
firm to manage for 5 years.

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