Akwa Ibom people have been called upon to bury the twin evils of ethnicity and tribalism that could slow down the race of development in the state.
Governor Udom Emmanuel made the call during his inauguration as the Governor of the state in Uyo.
Emmanuel maintained that only through this could even and equitable distribution of amenities and developement be guaranteed in the state.
“I place a demand on all Akwa Ibom people, at home and
abroad, to come with hoes and shovels, let us bury the twin evils of ethnicity and tribalism, which could slow us down in the race of development.
“At the same time, let us sow the seeds of brotherhood, love and unity, which will energise us to maintain our current momentum and leadership position, let us remember that with the spirit of brotherhood, love and unity, no foe can defeat us, and no rival can overtake us”, he said.
“ We have come together not to celebrate the triumph of a party, but to celebrate the victory of hope, the inspired hope that there is a divine promise, which binds us together in cords of love and brotherhood, hope that the blades and daggers of politics can never break the binds of our kinship, hope that on this majestic occasion of the transition of power, signifying a glorious end as well as a hopeful beginning, we can renew our faith in the Akwa Ibom dream.

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