Owners of properties adjacent to the country home of Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom in Awa village, ONNA have protested the demolition of their houses for an alleged car park for the Governor, alleging that their houses were demolished on the orders of the state works commissioner, Ephraim Inyang.
In an interview with Family head of the affected victims, Chief Inikon Inikon, lamented how Inyang personally led a combined team of policeman to demolish three houses in the area.
“We were inside our houses, When Inyang came with a team of military men and asked us to leave but we refused because we have no other place to go.
The military men started pulling down our houses destroying property worth millions of naira.
“Look at us, we are homeless, we prayed that God to give us a Governor but now we are forcefully ejected from our land.
They want us the entire Atong Inokon family land to build visitor’s car park for the Governor.” Inokon said.
But the commissioner denied the allegation that government intends to covert the land into a car park for the Governor insisting that the houses demolished were mud houses strewn along pathway of the road construction project in the area.
“It is not true that the governor want to use the building for car park, the demolished buildings were on the road path of the ongoing road construction in the area.’’ Inyang said.
The Commissioner said that the state government paid N1.8 million for the family of the victims but they rejected the money insisting that the Governor should build houses for the family adding that similar thatched houses on the same streets collected N1.8 million.
“All the houses on the streets collected N1.8 million, why should theirs be different; Gov. Emmanuel is not Governor of Awa but Governor of Akwa Ibom. The people rejected the cheque and deposited it with the village head and the amount is what we paid to similar buildings that were affected.” The Commissioner said.

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