PLATEAU state governor
Simon Lalong yesterday
said his administration
would continue to partner
with Journalist in order to
provide more dividend of
democracy to the people of
the state.
Lalong made this known
while speaking at the
inauguration of new
executive members of the
correspondent chapel of the
Plateau state Nigeria Union
of Journalist in Jos .
Represented by his
Special Adviser on media
Dan Manjang, Lalong the
governor said ‘”The Media
as the Fourth Estate of the
realm is a critical player
in the development of
democracies across the globe
and Nigeria is certainly no
“The world over, one
of the key elements of
good democracy is a free
press and this has been
strengthened in Nigeria with
the freedom of Information
Act, and the participation
of the Nigerian Union
of Journalist in election
sensitization, monitoring
and mandate protection.
Members of the NUJ have
responsibly deployed access
to information whether
solicited or unsolicited,
to ensure that the right to
know of the citizenry is
guaranteed. This responsible
act of Journalism when
professionally done to
compel accountable
leadership in governance,
and to drive development is
no doubt a commendable act
of good citizen’s journalism.
“May I at this point
commend members of the
Correspondents Chapel for
the stormless and seamless
transition from one set of
Executive to another, even
though this transition is
more of continuity in office
for the Executive.
“I must say the vote of
confidence is an eloquent
appreciation of the service
you have rendered in the
past as well as an open
requisition for better service
“Continuity when
progressive in nature adds
value and allows the occupants
of office to do much more than
they have done before; after
all, like the saying goes, the
reward for good work is more
“It is my expectation
therefore that the opportunity
of this second mandate will
spur the new Executive to inject a new lease of life into
the activities of the Chapel,
with new innovations,
programmes and actions that
will leave the Union better
than you met it.
“I see the choice of your
theme for this inauguration
which is ‘The Nigerian Civil
Service Reforms and the
Challenge of a New Nigeria’
as very apt and a value
addition to the governance
process in our State and
the Country at large. The
underlying philosophy of
any reform is change and the
change must be a progressive
change, one that adds value
and enhances service delivery
within the Public Sector.
“Preceding independence
and starting with the Hunt
Commission of 1934 down to
the Steve Orasanya Committee
under President Goodluck
Jonathan, Nigeria has had up
to 16 Commissions and Civil
Service Reform Committees.
Notable amongst these are
the ADEBO, UDOJI, and the
PHILIP Reports which were
so popularized because of
their focus on the welfare and
career needs of the Public
“The focus generally
of government public
service reform cover issues
of providing a working
environment for effective
and efficient service delivery,
reducing government cost
of operations, employment
generations, value reorientation,
career progressions, wealth
creation and re-structuring
of Government Bureaucracies
to check service conflicts that
arise as a result of duplication
and multiplicity of roles
amongst others.
“I want to further assure the
entirety of the Nigerian Union
of Journalist and indeed
all others in the broadcast
industry, that we are not
only willing but continually
ready, to engage in sustained
partnership that would
help us as a government, to
deliver on our promises to the
“We do not see members of
the Press as foes but as friends
and partners in progress. So
while in the midst of scarce
resources and competing
demands, we struggle to
address the challenges you
face in the performance of
your duties, our limited
response should rather be
viewed in the light of our
current economic challenge
than in the perspective of
the size of our contribution
reflecting the premium we
place on the organization.”
“Our doors as a
government will continue to
remain open to constructive
criticism and engagement,
particularly those driven by
citizens concern for good

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