SOCIAL critic and former Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, has stated that Governor Samuel Ortom might go to jail after leaving office because of the dangerous precedent that he has set. “Who even knows whether Ortom will go to jail when he leaves the Government House Makurdi? But this is a possibility and the traces are visible,” Tsav said. The retired police chief, who disclosed this in a statement made available to Nigerian Pilot in Makurdi, at the weekend, said imprints of the governor’s actions are visible and they may consume him in the long run. “I may not be alive but I assure them that Ortom may go to jail and become an object of scorn. No amount of glorification will save him except good deeds and the fear of God. God cannot be deceived or manipulated.” According to Tsav, when this eventually happens, Ortom’s
media aides would abandon him for new masters, stressing with a Tiv proverb: “when the catapilla finishes eating up leaves on a tree, they leave it for another tree.” Tsav, who is the Commissioner, Public Complaints Commission in Benue State, also said instead of Ortom using journalists to launder his image and make new friends like his counterparts, he chose to employ the services of some elements whose sole duty is to abuse, debase and insult anyone who criticises their
principal. “They do this with reckless abandon and do not care whether the person is old enough to be their father. This group of delinquents don’t even think or care about their future. They only create problems for our people and the nation,” Tsav stated. Just last week, Tsav gave reasons for constantly criticising Ortom. These, he said include his non-performance, alleged corruption and ineptitude, contrary to insinuations that he is being sponsored to do so.

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    Fulani herdsmen will soon overrun the whole of benue in the of change