Lagos State
Commissioner of Police,
Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, has
described the reason given
by Governor Samuel Ortom
of Benue State for not visiting
Agatu where hundreds were
slaughtered in cold blood by
suspected Fulani herdsmen as
most irresponsible and act of
It would be recalled
that Governor Ortom told
newsmen last week that he
attended Terwase Akwaza,
alias Gana’s thanksgiving
because he has repented and
given his life to Christ.
Gana, a militia kingpin led
a large number of militiamen
to submit arms under the
amnesty programme initiated
by Governor Ortom.
But Tsav, who spoke in
separate press statements
made available to Nigerian
Pilot in Makurdi at the
weekend wondered why
Ortom did not send a
representative from his
battery of special advisers,
particularly the one on
religion to represent him to
enable him visit the scene of
mass murder in Agatu.
“Has he no Special
Adviser on Religious Affairs
to represent him at the
Thanksgiving Service…Is
Gov Ortom now the Pope or
Archbishop of Canterbury?
“Is Gana’s acceptance of
Christ more important to the
State than the suffering and
deaths of Agatu people?” Tsav
Ironically, Tsav said
Ortom’s predecessor, Gabriel
Suswam visited Guma Local
Government area, where
Ortom hails from and was
shot at during a similar crisis
in 2013.
He advised Ortom to
differentiate between
governance and religion,
urging him to also realise that
he is now governor and not a
motor park tout.
“He should not mix religion
with governance. Doing so
is dangerous and negates
his oath of office. He should
try to differentiate between
the two. Do his battalion of
advisers not advise him on
such matters?” Tsav queried.
“Are the Idomas not more
united, more progressive,
more tolerant, more
understanding, more civilised
and more coordinated than
us?” Tsav stressed.
He criticised the celebrated
Justice Elizabeth Kpojime
Judicial Commission of
Enquiry which he said
may turn out to be Ortom’s
undoing as the enquiry
appears selective and targeted
against political enemie