Kwara State Governor, Dr.
Abdulfatah Ahmed, has reassured
the citizenry of his determination to
complete the ongoing transformation
of The Herald, Radio Kwara, Midland
FM and Kwara State Television,
KWTV, into ultramodern media
houses that every Kwaran will be
proud of.
Senior Special Assistant to
the Governor on Media and
Communication, Dr Muyideen
Akorede, told journalists in Ilorin
that Dr. Ahmed remains totally
committed to the promise to
bequeath ultra-modern state-owned
media houses before the expiration
of his tenure.
“It is the only non-infrastructural
project accommodated under
the Kwara State Infrastructure
Development Fund, IF-K, the
funding window under which funds
are released for projects on quarterly
“Based on Governor Ahmed’s
determination to bring these projects
to a quick completion, he has directed
that they should be given priority
under IF-K funding, to ensure that
they are completed before the June
deadline,” the governor’s aide
While explaining that the
repositioning of KWTV has been
completed, Akorede disclosed that
digital signals of the station will
be switched on as soon as testing is
completed in days.
He added that government had
also purchased and delivered digital
cameras, lights, digital consoles,
switchers and other modern
equipment to the station to ensure its
capacity to compete favourably.
Besides, Ahmed had ensured the
complete renovation and extension
of KWTV’s premises in order to make
the environment more convenient for
the station’s employees.
He explained that relevant trainings
were also conducted for all staff of the
station so that they can perform their
duties optimally.
Dwelling further on the next phases
of the repositioning projects, Akorede
informed that it would include the
• The purchase of a new 10KW
digital transmitter for Midland FM;
• Renovation of Midland FM
• Completion of the renovation of
Broadcasting House in GRA;
• The purchase of new digital
live and recording studios for Radio
Kwara AM;
• And a complete overhaul of the
AM station’s transmitters to ensure
that signals are received across the
“Already, Midland FM has a new
website and it will commence online
streaming of its signals in the next
two weeks or so.
“Kwarans can be rest assured that
Governor Ahmed remains determined
to ensure that Midland FM and Radio
Kwara’s signals are received in all
parts of the state,” he said.
Akorede also disclosed good news
for staff, readers and other stakeholders
of The Herald newspapers.
“On The Herald newspapers, I can
assure you that plans are afoot to
completely renovate the buildings
from where the newspaper will
operate, revamp the website, and
purchase new printers.
“With the approval of the
governor, The Herald has already
been repositioned as a regional
newspaper with its news covering
the critical North-Central market
and contiguous centres.
“Consequently, Governor Ahmed
is also set to complete the activation
of The Herald’s Bureau Offices
beginning with Abuja, Kogi, Niger,
Benue, Oyo, Osun, Lagos, and Ado-
Akorede said GOvernor Ahmed
continues to work towards ensuring
that equipment of the media houses
are not only upgraded, but that their
operational efficiency is guaranteed.
Akorede implored members of
the public and especially, loyal
listeners of Radio Kwara, to ignore
rumours being peddled on some
social media platforms to the effect
that government is planning to
dispose of the station.
Rather, the Kwara State
Government is determined to
strengthen the three media houses
to perform their statutory functions

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