For allegedly supplying two turbine plants without content of disclosure, Ebonyi State governor, Chief Dave Umahi is set for a showdown with Calisfco Company, a foreign firm that installed two fairly-used electricity turbine plants at the cost of N2.7billion during the past administration.
Governor Umahi alleged that the company supplied the plants with no explanation on their maintenance to the previous administration, which he served as deputy governor, insisting that the company must buy back the plants because, according him, Ebonyi State government cannot withstand its high cost of maintenance.
He maintained that he was ready to pursue the matter even to the United States of America where the contractor hails from.
He was speaking at the weekend while addressing contractors handling various projects in the state.
The governor disclosed that the two turbine plants were purchased at the cost of $12million with over 200 million committed into them by the past administration, aside the cost of purchase.
He noted that having discovered the high cost of maintenance of the plants of late, the government had decided to sell them back to the company but surprisingly, the company was dilly-dallying.
He said “the plants use both gas and diesel and the total amount to be spent on each plant for gas is N178 million per month; but if government decides to use diesel to run it, N500million will be spent in a month which means all filling stations in the South east will close for us to have enough diesel to run it.
“So, we asked the company to buy it from us because the content of disclosure was not adopted when the turbines were sold to the state government and very painful is that the plants were not brand new.
“I was part of the team that negotiated the buying of the turbine plants because of their conditions and I recommended that we shouldn’t buy it, but I was a deputy governor and cannot be more Catholic than Pope.
“Though turbines were purchased by the former governor with good intentions but the truth of the matter is that explanations about the plants were not made by the company to the state government until during test runs after the installations.
“Now we asked the Callisfco Company to buy the plants from us, they offered us 7.5 million U.S dollars and that is very annoying.
“We spent N2.7bn on the plants and they are offering us N1.4bn and to be paid after three years. So we are ready to pursue that matter up to USA and any level because nobody walks into Ebonyi State, cheat us and go free.”

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