The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Osun, has alerted the public on how Governor RaufAregbesola allegedly deceived President MuhammaduBuhari on “the truth” behind the Osogbo High School commissioned on Thursday.

A statement signed by its State Chairman, Hon SojiAdagunodo, said the commissioned school was not a public school but one to be managed commercially until the loan taken to build it was repaid.

PDP said: “Contrary to reports presented to the President and the public, the school is more or less a business outfit to charge high fees in an impoverished Osun State.

“In its usual deceptive and propagandist manner, the state Governor did not inform the President and the public that the school was funded with a Sukuk loan and will therefore be run not as a public but high fee paying private school.

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“We can reveal that the Oshogbo High School commissioned on Thursday will be managed as a commercial entity by eitherOlasore International School, Iloko, or Corona School, Lagos. The managers are to charge high fees like the elite private schools.

“We want to inform the public that the school Mr President commissioned is different from Oshogbo Grammar School, the reason why both schools are separated by a fence.The Governor has just used a public land to start an educational business venture.

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“The public should also note that teachers in the new school will be recruited and paid by the managers.Admissions will be done by them too from all parts of the country. It is, therefore, not a public school.

“While we are in support of projects designed to enhance educational access, we condemn the effrontery of the state governor for tricking and lying to the President and good people of OsunState. It ‎is immoral, reprehensible and against good governance.

“It is criminal to take loans in the name of a people and spend it on a project without benefit for them. This same impoverished citizenry are paying for the loan through their nose. How many Osun citizens can pay for normal private schools talk less of high fees paying school modeled after Corona school in Lagos?


“We frown at top level incorrigibility of the APC government in Osun State. We had warned the governor to review his failed educational policies. This is another demonstration of condemnable insensitivity and inhumanity of a governor to his citizens,” the statement concluded.