Chief Executive Officer of
X-Projects Logistics Ltd in Lagos,
Mr. Kola Awe at the weekend
advised the government to invest
more on the training of non-oil
exporters on export business.
Awe, who is also the Project
Coordinator of Zero to Export
Project of Nigerian Export
Promotion Council, NEPC made
the appeal in an interview, in
He said that adequate training
in logistics, documentation
and shipping procedures was
necessary at a time when the
focus of the nation was shifting
from oil-based to non-oil exports.
Awe said that more training
would afford the nation a better
opportunity to reap the benefits
of the larger volume of non-oil
exports in the future.
“There is a trend I have noticed
and I think it is an area the
government needs to focus on.
“Now that the focus of the
nation is shifting to non-oil
exports, we realise that so many
individuals and companies who
know next to nothing about
exports, are now trying to go into
the business.
“So the effect of this heavy
influx is that we will see a lot of
quacks, inexperienced people
and those who are ready to cut
corners in the business.
“This will eventually defeat the
purpose of the sub-sector,” he
According to him, there is the
likelihood that bigger companies
and large-scale operators will
begin to take charge of the export
Awe said this would pose a
threat to small-scale exporters.
“For instance, this is the first
time in the history of Nigeria that
ginger is selling for N450, 000 per
metric tonne, few years back it
was N26, 000.
“Cashew now sells for N250,
000 per metric tonne.
“To export a container of
ginger, an operator needs N5
million, while N4.5m is needed
for cashew.
“It means an average Nigerian
entrepreneur can no longer
export because he cannot afford
such costs,” he said.
He said that this new trend may
force many small and medium
scale exporters to compromise on
the quality of their exports.
He urged the nation to pay
special attention to non-oil
exports and to ensure the
quality of products was not
compromised. (NAN)

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