Manager, Society of British Council, Nigeria, a non-governmental organisation, Mrs Cynthia Abazie, has called on the three tiers of government to invest more in child education in the country, as education is the panacea to ending Child Labour.
Abazie who recently made the call at the 2016 World Day against Child Labour in Abuja, emphasised the need to invest in children education, particularly girl-child, to address cases of child labour and abuses.
She said: “Government must give proper attention to investment in the education of Nigerian child; no matter how we want to see it, children are the future of the nation.
“It is time to empower the children through education; educating young people is never a waste, it is an investment.”
Abazie explained the increased involvement of girls and boys in menial jobs deprived them of receiving adequate education, saying that it was a violation of their rights.
She maintained that working in hazardous environment, slavery, forced labour, drug trafficking, prostitution and armed conflict were forms of child labour.
The manager, therefore, urged governments at all levels to establish quality primary and secondary schools for young people to keep away from nefarious activities.

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