A group known as Postal Reform Advocates, PRA, has called for the repositioning of the Nigerian Postal Service, NIPOST, with a view to exploring its enormous employment potentials.
In a press release signed and made available to Nigerian Pilot by its Chancellor and Registrar, Mr Emeka Oraetoka and Solomon Sunday respectively, the PRA noted that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government could only realise its dream of creating employment opportunities for unemployed youths “by repositioning those sectors in the economy that have potential of accommodating a large segment of these youths.
According to the group, “If NIPOST is repositioned, it can employ up to five 500,000 Nigerians.”
“In the United States of America, USA, for instance, its postal service employs about 800, 000 people. Germany boasts of employing about 350,000 Germans. France, Italy and Britain have more than 150, 000 personnel working in their respective postal establishments.”
PRA added that “apart from employment, a repositioned NIPOST is a veritable source of revenue for the federal government. Revenue from structured Stamp Duty sources alone can offset substantial part of Nigeria’s annual budget if the postal agency is repositioned.”
The statement observed that NIPOST, like the agricultural sector, could only accomplish its potentials of generating massive employment in Nigeria if it was comprehensively run on professional basis.
It posited that, “We are happy that PMB said recently that his administration will make agriculture a business venture so as to make it attractive to Nigerian youths. We, however, believe that PMB’s wonderful proposition on agric can only work if the parent ministry is structured along business line.
“The ministry should be structured to have the following: Finance and Investment, Administration, Legal, Production, Marketing, Research, Planning and Statistics, etc. PMB’s vision of making farming a business may not be realised; and Nigerian youths may not be attracted to the sector.
“With respect to NIPOST, while it is already structured as a business venture, the problem with it, however, is that most of its employees still see themselves as normal rank and file civil servants. Full professionalism in running NIPOST is lacking; this is why PMB administration should tackle this key issue headlong.
The group observed that recently, some faceless individual in the establishment introduced “bizarre dimension” to the race of who succeeds the incumbent Postmaster General, Mallam Mori Baba, saying this would not have happened if the workers were thinking professionally. Instead of talking of a competent person within the postal service with passion to take the establishment to the next level, “these elements who are championing the zoning of the office of the PMG, probably, to blackmail the PMB-led administration, went wild on the pages of newspapers in protest, impinging on the hard earned integrity of the president.
“What this means is that these characters are just marking time in the establishment just to take over for its sake. By talking about zoning, they have reduced the office of the Postmaster General to a political workplace that must be occupied at all cost.”
PRA alleged that it was told that under the leadership of the late Postmaster General Arugungu, NIPOST became the only parastatal in Nigeria that takes care of its overhead expenses. Mallam Mori Baba has since continued with the reform his predecessor started professionally.
It asserted that if zoning rather than professionalism and competence were the criteria used in the appointment of Mallam Mori Baba, as its proponents want people to believe, “how come late Argungu and Mori Baba are from the same zone?”
It however advised that in repositioning and finding successor to Mallam Mori Baba, the presidency should take account of “someone who has passion for the Post, one who can generate massive employment of Nigerian youths into the organisation,” noting that the Mallam Baba should be in a better position to know who has passion for the service, if his opinion was sought.