A group under the auspices
of Niger Delta Peoples
Congress, NDPC, has called
on the northerners and the
Yoruba living in the region to
disregard the October 1, 2017,
quit notice given by a Coalition
of Niger Delta Agitators.
NDPC convener, Chief Mike
Loyibo said in an interview
on Tuesday that the statement
allegedly made by the
militants’ group was not a true
representation of the position
of elders, leaders and people of
the region.
He said the Niger Delta
leaders believed in one Nigeria
where every citizen was free to
live, visit or do business in any
part of the country.
The Niger Delta leader,
however, called on the National
Assembly to as a matter of
urgency revisit the issue of
devolution of power to states.
He noted that the action of the
federal lawmakers in voting
against power devolution had
heated up the polity, insisting
that right steps should be taken
to restore confidence and trust
among Nigerians.
‘’The good people of the
Niger Delta region have
always been peace-loving
and accommodating. We see
strengths and opportunities in
diversity rather than divisions.
‘’The statement allegedly
made by a Niger Delta
militants’ group is not a true
representation of our position.
We believe in one Nigeria
where every citizen is free to
live, visit or do business in
any part of the country. Hate
speeches will never take us
‘’Despite years of oppression,
our region has remained
resolute and committed to one
Nigeria where justice, equity
and peace reign.
‘’The statement should be
disregarded and all Nigerians
should feel free in the Niger
Delta region,’’ Loyibo stated.
He also expressed
disagreement with the issuance
of quit notice by the northern
youths on the Igbo people.
‘’We of the Niger Delta
are peace loving people
irrespective of the trauma we
have gone through over the
decades. We still believe that
peace is the only way forward.
This type of peace can only be
achieved through reasonable
dialogue by engaging
acceptable and strategic
stakeholders from the affected
‘’Our suggestion is that such a
dialogue should be conducted
urgently in a transparent
manner. Meanwhile, we will
still like to advise the northern
and Yoruba groups to renounce
their statement on Igbo quit
notice and allow peace to reign
in our country.
‘’Note that when the youth
make statements, they are
speaking for the silent elders. I
am appealing to all concerned

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