A GROUP under
the auspices of Niger
Delta Indigenous
Movement for Radical
Change, NDIMRC, has
applauded the decision
to unbundle the Nigerian
National Petroleum
Corporation, NNPC,
into seven different
In a press statement
signed by its President,
Nelly Emma, Secretary,
John Sailor and Public
Relations Officer
(PRO) Stanley Mukoro,
the group hailed the
decision, stating that it
was the right thing to do
and urged Nigerians and
members of the National
Assembly to support the
decision and give the
Minister for Petroleum,
Dr Ibe kachukwu the
necessary backing.
“The unbundling of
the NNPC will go a
long way in eliminating
bureaucracy in the
operations of the
Corporation and as
it is now, each of the
constituent units in the
restructuring will be
profit driven.
“We are also in
full support of the
conversion of the Group
Executive Directors
(GEDs) by the Minister
to Chief Executive
Officers (CEOs) and
their redeployment to
the various business
components. The former
GEDs never helped
the Corporation as
they were behind the
frequent fuel scarcity in
the country and strikes
by oil workers. Since the
former GEDs have so
much money, they used
their money to frustrate
all plans of the federal
government to make
NNPC a better place.
Nigerians are going
to reap the benefits of
the unbundling of the
NNPC very soon.”
“All moves made in
the past to reposition
NNPC for profitability
were thwarted by
the former GEDs.
They never helped
the Corporation as
they connived with
oil majors to create
artificial fuel scarcity in
the country. They also
sponsored strikes by
oil workers,” the group
Calling on Nigerian
lawmakers to throw
their weight behind
the unbundling of the
NNPC by Dr Kachikwo,
the group said, “Going
on strike this moment
by oil workers as a
result of the unbundling
exercise is not the best.
We should all give our
support to the minister.
Our senators and
members of the House of
Representatives should
give legislative backing
to Dr. Kachikwo over
the restructuring of the
NNPC because that is
the way to go,” it said
and allayed fears of job

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