EXECUTIVE Director, Centre for
Promotion of Ethics Values and
National Integration Dr Mercy
J Sokomba has said that the
continuous downward trends of
morality due to breakdown of
ethics and values standards and
accountability have been of great
concern to many Nigerians. She
made this known during a one
day workshop marking the 2017
international youth day; with
the theme: youth and peace
building in Nigeria patriotism
and national integration held in
Abuja recently.
Dr Sokomba added that every
Nigerian is a stakeholder in
creating platform for networking
partnerships and collaboration
which makes it imperative that
we have to consciously work
According to the Dr Sokomba
“given the fact that Nigerian’s
population comprises mainly of
young people with almost 60%
in the youths bracket, making
them the majority stakeholder,
the Center evolved s special
programme under its youths
development department with
various programme areas.”
She stated that the annual ethics
and values awards tagged junior
ethnics and values award which is a national essay competition on
ethics and values for secondary
schools and the ethics schools
clubs in primary and secondary
schools was to refocus the youths
on national values that will
promote unity and patriotism in
the country.
In his address the national
coordinator of national youths
vanguard’s on ethic and values,
Franklin Okolie said the the
national youth vanguards on
ethics and values NYVEV is an
initiatives of the duly registered
center for promotion of ethics,
value and national integration.
The objectives is to create
a platform for the special
group like women, children,
youths, aged, disabled and
other disadvantaged groups to
contribute to the building of
family, individuals and national
core values and ethics as well as
to address specific needs of the
He argued that family units
and parenting where children
get their foundational values for
the future and direction for their
destiny is one of the institutions
under serious attacks. This is
because well brought up children
grounded on sound principles
and values including appropriate
religious values are faced with
challenges of maintaining the
family moral and ethical values
in the face of peer group and
societal pressure.
The conflicts are carried through
life where they are confronted
with making choice between right
and wrong in the area of respect,
honesty, accountability, integrity,
sanctity of life, patriotism, and
hardworking dignity of labour
and public political morality.
“Often they are in the in the
minority if they want to apply
the principles and moral values
with which they are brought up
in. Resolution of this conflict
is getting more difficult for the
Nigerian Children and youths.”
He said.
He said also that the center
believes that since well brought
up children and youths must
interact with people from
different background; it becomes
important that we all must take
serious action and contributes
to the rebuilding of values,
morality and equity. He said
that it will transform the nation
and provide a safe place to
develop morality, mentally,
physically spiritually and
academically. We must contribute
to platform that will ensure full
character development. These
characteristics cannot be wished
or talked and prayed into being
alone. Action, practicality and
pragmatism are needed and
urgently too.

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