PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has been urged to declare national security emergency in Nigeria following increase in sectarian killings across the country. The task was thrown to the president by the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA, which also asked Buhari to diffuse the social tension in the country by overhauling the national security apparatus and personnel so that all religious and regional affiliations would feel a sense of belonging. Speaking through its national coordinator, Emmanuel Onwubiko, at a press conference yesterday in Abuja, the group equally called on the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice to as a matter of urgency, convoke what it called a “national crime situation and prosecution monitoring conference” along with 36 states attorneys general to enable soldiers and other competent armed forces go after mass murderers. “Mr President should diffuse the social tension in the land by ensuring a total rejigging of the national security apparatus and personnel so all religions and regional affiliations would have a sense of belonging. “The dominance of different architecture by officers from one religious affiliation from the north has created social panic and tension and a considerable quantum of apprehension by other Nigerians who see these decisions by Mr President as favouring only officers from his religious affiliation,” he said. The organisation also asked state Houses of Assembly to pass a law establishing the setting up of crime data bank in their respective states, whereby all categories of criminals convicted by the state high courts were documented and for such people to be placed on close security watch. It suggested that those convicted of such serious crimes as murder and rape of minors should be monitored to ascertain their movements and locations through wearing some scientific accessories that could easily decode their movements for the rest of their lives. “We also propose necessary amendments to Nigeria’s criminal law to ban those convicts who escaped the hangman’s noose from public offices for life,” it added. While commending the government for what it has done so far to tackle security problems in the country, Onwubiko appealed to government to redouble efforts in tackling the security problems. “We are aware that Section14 2(b) and (3) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended states thus: “the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government. “The composition of the government of the federation or any of its agencies and the conduct of its affairs shall be carried out in such a manner as to reflect the federal character of Nigeria and the need to promote national unity, and also be no predominance of persons from a few states or from a few ethnic or other sectional groups in that government or in any of its agencies,” he noted. “We once more support the enforcement of the death penalty for such heinous crimes as murder but in the case whereby the murder convicts escape being executed after all legal processes are exhausted, then we propose that their movement are monitored for life and that they are banned from ever holding public offices from the local government levels up to the national levels,” he said. Onwubiko said the widening spectres of sectarian killings by unruly street urchins and Islamic extremists in Kano State, Kubwa in Abuja and Otukpo in Benue State all in north and North Central Nigeria necessitated the media briefing and call on Buhari to act fast before things get out of hand. “We are also worried by the increasing scope of targeted killings and forced disappearances of supporters of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, and MASSOB in the South-East of Nigeria. “These massive attacks on innocent Nigerians have gone on for far too long and the Nigeria Police Force and other policing institutions set up under the Nigerian laws for the protection of lives and property of Nigerians have often looked the other way whilst these Nigerians are killed.” He decried the latest killing of a female pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and mother of seven, Mrs. Eunice Elisha who was on Saturday morning killed by unknown assailants while preaching around the Gbazango-West area of Kubwa, a satellite town in the Federal Capital Territory.

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