Network of Civil Society Group, NCSG, has called for the restructuring of the political formation in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT.
They added that the FCT House of Assembly and Mayor of Abuja which would be an elective post that would be equivalent to the position of governor of a state be created and included in the constitution.
This, according to the group, would aid equitable and even development of the territory, considering the fact that previous appointments of FCT ministers was the prerogative of the president who most times does not understand the needs of the people and how they wish to be governed.
Speaking to journalists in Abuja, National President and Secretary-General of the group, Comrades Somoye Ayanfe and Kayode Adedeji, respectively, maintained that the time to restructure the political equation of the FCT has come, stressing that the indigenous people have been denied basic development needs, as well as proper representation at every level of governance, particularly as it concerns the appointment of the FCT minister.
“All past and present FCT ministers hail from the north and none has ever been appointed from any of the tribes that make up the FCT. The indigenous people are getting restive about it. We have to be proactive through effective advocacy,“ they warned.
For the advocacy to be effective, the group listed their demands to include the immediate scrapping of the office of the FCT Minister/FCTA and its replacement with an elective mayoral or governorship office which would take effect by 2019.
As a matter of fact, the group called on all stakeholders in the FCT to come together as one indivisible body irrespective of their party affiliation to alter the prevailing notable marginalisation and oppression of the good, peaceful and hospitable people.
They highlighted some programmes to enlighten the public and all stakeholders such as convening a stakeholders forum on Saturday, June 11 to dialogue with several cultural/political associations, put finishing touches to the bill to be submitted to the National Assembly for consideration on the status of Abuja, so as to create a level playing ground for every citizen to participate in the democratic process of governing the Federal Capital Territory, peaceful march to the National Assembly on Thursday, June 23 to submit a bill requesting for the inclusion of the office of the mayor or governor of Abuja into the constitution and in the 2019 general election and continuous media engagement.