Friends in the Gap Advocacy Initiative, (FGAI), a legislative advocacy, monitoring and lobby group, has condemned the postponement of the resumption of the National Assembly members from July 21 to July 28, 2015 without any tangible explanation.
According to a statement signed by George Orji, executive director of the group, he recounted the numerous times the 8th NASS has gone on recess and
”This is the third time that the 8th National Assembly will be embarking on such an inexplicable recess since its inauguration on June 9, 2015 by the President. We recall that shortly after its proclamation on June 9, the lawmakers sat only for three days and embarked on its first break on June 11, which lasted till June 23. The reason for the break was to enable the management of the Assembly sort out the issue of accommodation and other logistics for the legislators”.
Speaking further he said three days after the resumption of the lawmakers on June 23, the legislators again on June 25, took another three week break, that would have seen them resume work on July 21, before this most recent extension.
“What this means is that cumulatively, the lawmakers have only put in six days of work in roughly two months. For us in FGAI, in real terms, the lawmakers have not achieved anything in terms of meaningful legislative work since their inauguration about two months ago.
“What the legislators did for the six days they were credited to have functioned, was merely to bicker over selfish interests; who occupied which position as principal officers.
The three legislative breaks embarked upon so far by the 8th National Assembly for us in FGAI, are one too many; they have become too frequent and very uncomfortable to tolerate.
“It is expected that when the lawmakers eventually reconvene on July 28, they would most probably just spend another three legislative days before embarking on their annual six weeks long vacation, which would last till the end of September. No doubt, this is not the change Nigerians voted for.”

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