NEWLY floated militant group known as Niger Delta Searchlight, NDS, has dissociated itself from the parley between the federal government and Niger Delta Avengers. The group which claimed responsibility for last week bombing of oil facilities in parts of the Niger Delta region warned oil companies still operating in the area to relocate, warning them not to rely on the ceasefire announced by the Niger Delta Avengers. In a statement by the leader of the armed group, General Igbede O Igbede, the group described the ongoing peace parley between the Federal Government and some militant groups as a mere ruse that does not reflect the collective interest of the “deprived” Niger Delta people. He stated that the NDS will continue with the attacks on oil installations and personnel of the oil companies until the Federal Government puts a hold on the ongoing peace talk which he said cannot address the major issues that led to the militancy in the first place. His words, “We are not part of any dialogue because we doubt the sincerity of the exercise. We do not believe in the composition of the negotiating teams, especially those supposedly representing the militant groups. And we will continue to destroy oil installations and make it impossible for any company to operate in the Niger Delta.” “The Niger Delta Avengers does not represent us, whatever agreement they reach with the Federal Government is not binding on us. We will continue with our activities not even the heavy deployment of soldiers can stop us because we are prepared to die for this course of addressing the injustice against the Niger Delta. “We can only be part of the peace talk if credible Niger Delta leaders who truly represent the people are involved. The struggle is about our people and not any particular group. “We are therefore warning oil companies in the Niger Delta to ignore the so called ceasefire in their own interest. They should relocate from the Night Delta immediately until the contending issues are addressed.