Nigerians in Diaspora Monitoring Group, DMG, has thrown its weight behind the anti-corruption drive of President Muhammadu Buhari, saying the new attitude towards accountability is already paying off in the way Nigerians are treated outside the shores of the country.
The group also hailed the gains made at the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC under the leadership of Dr Paul Orhii, as Director General, describing his performance as “intensive efforts to strengthen one of the most crucial sectors of human development.”
A statement signed on behalf of the Group by Engr. David Onmeje, described the fight against corruption by President Buhari’s administration as laudable, noting that it must be sustained and spread across all sectors in the country.
It similarly said the ongoing institutional strengthening by the leadership of NAFDAC under Dr Orhii should be sustained to ensure that the international accreditation Nigeria got in recent years is not withdrawn.
It said, its position on the regulator was informed by the fact that quality and reliable food and medicaments are universally applicable across class, race and cultural divides and should not be different for Nigerians as the country pushes to improve on other areas.
“Nigerians are again able to hold their heads high across the world in all the countries where they sojourn because the stigma of ranking among the most corrupt nations of the world is waning in the wake of President Buhari’s stance against graft.
“We are confident that the style of the likes of NAFDAC Director General, Dr Paul Orhii can add value to the anti-corruption fight. This is because the post corruption war would require the establishment of systems that would prevent a return to impunity in public office and Orhii, from the records available to the public, has been able to set up such institutional mechanism to ensure optimum running of government agencies.
“Change oriented structures put in place at NAFDAC prior to the inception of the incumbent administration, are what we prescribe to Mr. President at this stage of the nation’s history so that the pursuit of transparency and accountability in government can become ingrained in citizens and institutions to ensure long term sustainability,” he stated.
It further noted that there is need for continuity in agencies that are working while holistic reviews should be priority for agencies that have shown persistent stagnancy.

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