A non-governmental organization under the auspices of Peace and Reconciliation Foundation has set agenda for the President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari to reunite Nigerians who have been divided along ethnic and religious lines.
The women leader of the Foundation, Hajiya Mariam Abubakar stated this while speaking to the media after presenting Easter gifts and feeding about 350 patients of Niga Rehabilitation and Skill Acquisition Centre, Rigasa, in Igabi local government area of Kaduna State.
Hajiya Mariam said, either through omission or commission, politicians havesucceeded in imparting negative ideas to Nigerians, with regard to ethnic, sectional and religious groups in the country.
According to her, prior to the presidential election people were seen leaving Kaduna en masse to states which they considered their own for safety, explain that northerners in the south also started moving from the south back to the north adding that this is very unhealthy for corporate development in Nigeria.
“For example in Kaduna here, you will never believe that Christians will ever live in Rigasa, but today we are here feasting with over 500 patients of the Niga Rehabilitation Centre who are Christians and while undertaking their psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation they never have any brushes or problems.
“In some parts of Kaduna state today – for example Kaduna North – Christians consider it suicidal to send their children to school there just as Muslims are afraid to their children to Southern Kaduna. We have to move above this division.
“People who created this idea from my own study did that for their own selfish interests, because they know that a united Nigeria will fight corruption, looting and insecurity in the country, and that as a divided people, we will only be blaming one another for what is not our making.
“We are calling on the President- elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, to return Nigeria back to those days when Nigeria was for everybody, where religion or ethnicity is secondary. We have to go back to Nigeria where nobody is forced to stay in one particular area because of religion or ethnic affiliation. The united spirit of our founding fathers must be reactivated. Anybody found creating this division, either for political, ethnic or religious gain must be made accountable by the law,” she said.
Speaking earlier, the leaders of the Christian patients of the Centre, Pastor David Danjuma said he was brought in to the foundation as a drug addict and today he is better, explaining that he found out that a large number of people he is living with are people of different.
The founder of the centre, Mudiru Lawal thanked the foundation for coming to share the spirit of Easter with the Christian patients of the Center and at the same time, extending the ceremony to Muslim patients.
The centre, he explained, has a record of 7,500 patients out of which 500 of them are Christians who have been living in the Centre for a period of five to six years.

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