A micro economic empowerment scheme group known a , ‘Say Yes To My Needs,’ has asked President Muhammadu Buhari, to come up with a clear economic policy that would take care of the needs of Nigerians to be self-employed and self-reliant.
The group made the call in Abuja, while doling out cheques to deserving beneficiaries to empower them in small and medium scale businesses.
Director General, DG, of the organisation, Francis Pember, while speaking during the presentation, said that his organisation had already built up a statistic of over 35, 000 people across the nation who have continued to feed on the stable of ‘Say Yes To My Needs,’ to alleviate their poverty.
He said that individual beneficiaries were receiving up to N100,000 while a group of 10 of cooperative societies could get from N1m and above as loan to help their small businesses.
Pember said that while the loans were given by the Peace Micro Finance Bank, MFB, to the beneficiaries, his organisation bore the burden of paying off the interests on those loans to help the members.
He said that the huge number of people that trooped to his organisation on daily basis for help showed that several Nigerians were wallowing in abject poverty and needed to be helped by government.
The DG called on the federal government to take off this huge task off his organisation’s back by saying yes to the needs of Nigerians in order to change their lives.
Equally, he said that his organisation was also helping indigent persons to go back to school through its scholarship programme.
The sum of N100,000 was paid to a school for part of the outstanding fees of 10 pupils under scholarship in the school.

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