Initiative for Inter-Religious Peace and Harmony Group on Saturday in Abuja urged Nigerians to remain peace loving.
Prof. Joseph Golwa, former Director-General, Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution, made the call during the group inter-religious peace and harmony celebration of Independence anniversary.
Golwa said there was need for every Nigerian to think like the founding fathers of this great country when Nigeria got its independence in 1960.
“These people did not have religion differences as the country was experiencing now; there was love and peace among them,’’ the professor said.
According to him, it is time for Nigerians to start thinking like their former leaders and make the nation greater.
He said about 10 different religious organisations were in attendance calling for one and peaceful Nigeria.
According to him, Nigeria must not divide through religion; we should use our religions to preach love and peace.
Similarly, Malam Tahir Tahir, National Coordinator of the group, called for understanding and peaceful coexistence among Nigerians.
He said the group would continue to ensure that there was peace in Nigeria.
Tahir said in the past, dialogue was only being conducted between the Christians and the Muslims but the gathering of this event made up of about 10 religions.
“It is a conglomeration of 10 different religions which include Christians, Muslims, Eckankar, Jewish, Traditional religion, Unificationism and Confucianism among others.
Also speaking, Amb. Simon Dolly, General Secretary of the Organisation, said the aim of the gathering was to ensure that Nigerians still remained one.
“Our primary aim was to create harmonious coexistence among these religions and to celebrate our diversities; people look at religion as the source of problems in the country.
“We are all worshiping one God, the only thing is that we have different methods of worship, which we must agree with one another,’’ he said.
He called on youths in the country to give peace a chance as no government could succeed where there was no peace.
According to him, the money being spent to fight insurgents can be used for empowerment of youths and provision of infrastructure. (NAN)

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