CHI Limited, market leader
in juices, dairy products and
snacks was recently honoured
at the Guardian Manufacturing
Excellence Award 2017 for
its commitment to excellence
driven by consumer focus,
creativity, superior product
innovation and strategic
marketing. The company
through its Chivita Juices once
again reaffirmed its consumer
preference and leadership
position by clinching the
Beverage Manufacturing
Company of the Year Award.
With a passion for nurturing
and the development of
new ideas and products, Chi
Limited offers some of the most
innovative fruit juice brands on
the market shelf like Chivita
100%, Chivita Active, Chi
Exotic, Happy Hour by Chivita,
Chi Ice Tea and Capri-Sonne.
Chivita Juices aren’t just great
tasting drinks that refresh the
body; they are also the choice of
the health-conscious.
Chi Limited’s world class,
state of the art manufacturing
facility deploys the most
advanced processing and
packaging technology available
anywhere in the world. The
company also dedicates
resources to research and
development to ensure that its
products provide the essential
vitamins and nutrients that the
consumer requires for healthy
For instance, Chivita 100%
is made from real natural
fruits with no added sugar,
no artificial colours and no
preservatives, while Chivita
Active Vegetable and Fruit
Nectar is an innovative product
that offers consumers in Nigeria
for the first time, choices in fruit
juices made from the goodness
of vegetable with the lip
smacking goodness of fruit.
While Chi Exotic Nectar is
the definitive standard in its
category in terms of its unique
fruit mixes and taste offerings,
Happy Hour by Chivita is rated
the fastest growing juice brand
in Nigeria, with innovative
variants that keeps consumers
According to the Guardian
Newspaper Manufacturing
Excellence Awards committee,
the maiden edition of The
Guardian Manufacturing
Excellence Awards
recognized deserving sector
players in the Nigerian
manufacturing industry that
outperformed others in 2016
in spite of prevailing economic
“Despite the prevailing
economic circumstances, Chi
Limited, through its admired
fruit juice brands, was able
to spot opportunities and
maintain excellence by putting
in more effort and resources
to further engage the dynamic
Nigerian market, address
competition, adopt costsaving
measures and step up
their drive for innovation and
capacity building in order to
have done extraordinarily in
2016,” the awards committee
Speaking on the awards,
Managing Director of Chi
Limited, Mr. Deepanjan Roy
stated that as the leading fruit
juice manufacturer in Nigeria,
Chi Limited understands the
opportunity and responsibility
the award represents.
“The Beverage Manufacturing
Company of the Year award
recognition in the Juice category
offers us an opportunity to
be admired as the number
one fruit juice company in
Nigeria and the responsibility
to ensure that our range of
fruit juices continues to deliver
superior quality, good nutrition
and health standards that
consistently surpass consumer
expectations,” he noted.
This award joins a growing
list of recognition awards for
Chi Limited this year which
includes most recently, Chivita
Active Vegetable Fruit Nectar
and Hollandia Choco Malt
Drink category wins at the 2017
Marketing World Awards.

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