Deputy Director, Digital Communication, Osaro Onaiwu Campaign Organization for the 2016 governorship election in Edo state, Mr. Emeka Nwagwuna has said Osaro Onaiwu, governorship candidate of APGA was the best person now to govern Edo state.
He urged the people of Edo state to be vigilant to avoid the deceit that has become the attribute of many politicians, advising electorates to vote for the best candidate so that Edo state can return to its glorious past.
Nwagwuna noted that it is unfortunate that even the modest infrastructure which Edo inherited upon its creation in 1991 has lost value.
“ one wonders whether successive governments had been asleep, because in Benin the capital of Edo State, there is virtually deep gullies everywhere, and when there is a tarred road, the adjoining street would be better described as swamps and during the rainy seasons everywhere is likened to hell”.
The APGA party stalwart in a statement obtained by Nigerian Pilot, lamented that the Samuel Ogbemudia stadium best known for sporting activities in the country now lost its face value without facilities for practices and competition, adding that in the area of human capital development, Edo is one of the worst cases in the country, referring to the figure released by the National Bureau of Statistics which ranked Edo State in the 7th position among the top 10 States with the highest unemployment in Nigeria.
He noted that the security situation in Edo has so degenerated making the state a capital as a cesspit of crime and criminality with the youths taking to crime like kidnapping, cyber crime and day light robbery amongst others.
Nwagwuna added that lack of teachers and inadequate teaching tools, bad school infrastructures non-payment of salary to state and local government staff inspite of the high rate of internally generated revenue, explaining that when government becomes insensitive to the yearnings of the people, that government has renounced its democratic title, where as APC government in Edo state has abandoned the people can therefore not be trusted to decide who occupies government house on September 10th 2016election in Edo state.
“Though all the candidates cleared by INEC for the election do certainly have some selling points, but Osaro Onaiwu, the APGA candidate for the election stands out in so many respects as former Director General of governors` forum, Onaiwu`s exposure to the patterns of development in all other states of federation means he is not coming to learn on the job.

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