Chief Solomon Edebiri who is the frontline governorship aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has expressed concern over the alleged imposition of gubernatorial candidate in the state and insists that it should be resisted.
In an interview with an on-line media,, Edebiri says even though he is from the business sector, he still has a chance of revamping the state.
“So we have challenges with getting immediately accepted by leaders, especially the critical few who think you have to be a core politician to play the right politics
“But I feel completely different because we should begin to tilt towards the desire of the people, we should not be focused on some people’s interest, we should begin to focus on the common man of whose reason democracy was established, which is said to be the government of the people, for the people and by the people.
“And if the people are out of this equation, it’s a completely incomplete equation. That’s what we fight. We are saying that people must be in charge of who rule them, of who govern them, of who decide things for them by the day, of who takes their fate, put it on the balance. The people must be at the core centre of the whole game.
“Getting that acceptable to the leaders who say they are professional politicians have been a challenge. They feel that they have to dictate for the people, they have to decide for the people and the people must follow what they say, the people must do what they want, the people must take a cue from what they do; and I don’t think it should be like that.
“Sincerely speaking, we must now begin to know that we are expected to serve the people, work for the people, labour for the people, let the people see us as servants serving them, even if we take the posture of a leader. For me, it should be a leader-servant.”
On the need to change the state, he insisted that there is need to fight imposition of candidate in the state.
“Well, I see that we have to fight against imposition. That’s completely new. Coming from ANPP, I know that then, it was a very democratic party which believed in grassroots politics. But coming now, I know that in the last six months, we’ve done a lot we have to fight against imposition by seeming close group; and thinking that you have to lure everyone to accept your position and that one man must be, we are not creating a singular institution, we are not creating a group which want to become an institution over every other person.
“That has been a big challenge to some of us in the race and we have to absolutely continue to insist that the people’s will must prevail and that is why the only acceptable thing to do is to insist on acceptable primary election; not just free and fair primary, it has to be seen as free and fair primary, it has to be believed to be free and fair.
“So, whatever skirmishes that would be there, whatever little hiccups, for men it can’t be acceptable because we don’t run a perfect society or system. What we are saying is that the marginal error must be very low that it can be tolerated. If it is not low, you can’t tolerate it and when it is not tolerable, of course, you’ll be working against the will of the people and we don’t want to see that happening.
“Nigeria has grown. Democracy has come a long way, we are talking of close to 20 years now. To men two decades of trial is a whole lot. You can’t continue to run trial ‎all your life. You’ve done trial first four years, the next four years, another 12 years, then you want to begin to think you want to perfect things. In Edo state the process is to be perfected this year. “

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