Come May 29, General Muhammadu Buhari, Rtd, GMB, will occupy the throne of Nigeria, in Aso Rock. Most guards, if not all things, that connect with President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GEJ, in terms of taste of furnishing, worship in the Aso Chapel, personnel, will go, except for his picture that will graciously take its place among the line of former presidents.
GMB’s picture will be appearing for the second time, and makes two of them, himself and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, OBJ, to be on the list of two time presidents. They both fought the civil war, planned coups, became military Heads of State after the war, ruled us like soldiers they were, but while OBJ got his second chance of becoming President, on a platter of gold, and cruised into Aso Villa from the prison, where he was spared by God from his enemies, GMB moved about freely, fought very hard, and made it back to power, after three unsuccessful attempts, and even had to shed tears at the last failed attempt.
The road to Aso villa has not been easy, and may remain so a very long time, because of the way we are wired in this country. Political contests among us often lead to the death of people around contestants, because our leaders are ex-soldiers, and in military law if you plot a coup, you better succeed, or you will be killed. Our civilian politicians unfortunately missed out on the military discipline, and settled more for the politics of violence, which gave birth to our politics of do or die.
Elections 2015, would have been our last, as one nation, as predicted by some of our allies. It brought with it frail nerves, hate language, and violence, which set us on edge, but for the timely, and godly, intervention by GEJ, with that singular action of victory concession. It amazes me when I watch our leaders. They all knew that their actions would lead to bloodshed and possible break up, yet they reveled in those actions and talks, without caring a hoot about the nation and the people they claim to be fighting for. But GEJ was differently wired. He recognized that Nigerians loved him, trusted him, voted for him without any violence, and promised himself not to be part of violence or blood shed of Nigerians for his own ambition. The bloodshed after 2011 elections was because GMB lost in that election and blood continued to flow till today. This is why we are praying and urging him to see to it that the flow of blood of Nigerians, in any elective contest must stop as soon as he ascends that throne.
There are hawks that prey on the lives of Nigerians as their chics, they are many still reveling in seeing people killed for their ambition, and they shout loudest! The violence and flow of blood, that marked the elections in Rivers State tell us where such hawks abound more, be it in PDP or APC, and it is most unacceptable. Nigerians want change, but not by shedding their blood for the ambition of a few who are thieves in angels apparels!
No matter the processes, the flaws, manipulations, betrayals, and gang ups, that brought GMB thus far, he is now our President Elect, the rest is history. We all owe him duties now, to pray for him, and help him leave a better Nigeria than he met. The fight against political violence must be fierce in his dispensation. It is expected that he would ensure that all cases of killings during this 2015 elections are carefully compiled, and culprits prosecuted expeditiously.
Fear has so far marked the elections in certain parts of the country. Fear of intimidation, and repression; fear of witch hunting, exclusion, and serious vindictive use of coercion looms large in the hearts of many who did not support GMB’s bid for Presidency.
The Internet is awash especially among the youth of this nation, with how sections of the country will be punished, and boycotted in the distribution of amenities, individuals singled out for vendetta, and dealt with for how they voted, and spoke etc. If this change will make sustainable sense, it should also address the question of character among our youth. Violence, hate language, and conduct must be discouraged sternly. It will not be enough to provide employment, infrastructure, and other necessities of modern society, without dealing with character foundation issues in our youths.There is so much anger, and hatred that life is becoming increasingly short and violent in Nigeria. This is a principal fall out from the campaigns, which if not addressed will be the real challenge to unity in a matter of years.
Nigerians voted GMB as the agent of this change because of his character and integrity. They are aware that he has not amassed wealth for himself, does not even own one petrol station talk less of a hotel, or sprawling estates. GMB is expected to introduce discipline and curtail unbridled greed among our leaders. The hawks of Nigerian economy will congregate around his party, some to acquire more, most to seek protection for what they have stolen. They are the ones who will lure the new administration to use government agencies like the police, and EFCC to oppress their political and business opponents. Nigerians have seen it before, and hope that it will not come up again.
The fight against corruption cannot be easy, because corruption fights back, and can be dirty and mean, when it does so. If PDP was said to be corrupt, by not doing much to stem it, with most APC governors and king pins as decampees from the PDP, the fight promises to be daunting, to make any impact. People will insult GMB, make jokes of him, deride him, and even his wife, but he must learn that humility to absorb, tolerate, and stomach all the garbage from GEJ, and take it to higher levels. GMB’s government should be better than GEJ’s, not because of his party the APC, but because of who and what he is, which is why Nigerians preferred him, at a time like this.
Mr. Udegbe, a legal practitioner, wrote from Lagos

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