“A CREATIVE mind is
motivated to achieve, not the
desire to beat others” – Ayn Ran.
A great humanist, the late Mother
Theresa (of blessed memory)
once posited, “No greater service,
like the service to humanity”.
in line with her postulation,
there is the need to succinctly
outline the achievements by the
Rescue Administration under
the visionary and dynamic
leadership of Rt. Hon. Simon
Bako Lalong the Executive
Governor of Plateau State in the
health sector.
Without mincing words, as a
man of the people and man of
his word, Governor Lalong has
made sure promotion of staff in
the Plateau State health sector
whose promotions have been
stagnated for several years,
approved without any further
His Excellency Simon Bako
Lalong scored another first
in the Health sector when he
borrowed from Buddha who says,
“To keep the body in good health
is a duty … otherwise we shall not
be able to keep our mind strong
and clear”. As a result of this, the
governor ordered prompt release
of funds for control of Lassa fever
outbreak and it came as no surprise
as Plateau State was adjudged as
one of the best state in terms of the
management of Lassa fever control
in 2015 by the Nigerian Centre for
Disease Control.
In keeping to his campaign
promises to his people, Governor
Lalong mobilized to sites
contractors handling the General
hospitals in Riyom, Mabudi and
Kanke. Presently Riyom has been
completed and handed over to the
ministry for use. Also renovation
works at General Hospital Shendam
is almost at completion stage.
Governor Lalong understands
that whatever you do today will
definitely be etched in the memory
of the people after leaving office. A
visionary leader who is on mission
to attend to his people’s need and
aspirations, keying into the word of
Warren Buffet who says “Someone’s
sitting in the shade today, because
someone planted a tree long time
ago”. To be remembered as a leader
who want the best for his people at
all times, Lalong ordered the release
of N10 million to the Jos university
teaching hospital for operations to
be carried out on ten children with
various heart defects, payment
of counterpart funds for UNICEF
and World Bank health related
programs particularly in the area
of immunization and HIV/AIDS
and procurement and distribution
of ambulances to selected hospitals.
In addition to these laudable feats,
the governor has come out with
the idea of medical outreaches for
indigent patients across the state on
quarterly basis.
The Lalong administration has
maintained and sustained industrial
harmony with various trade unions
and doctors in the service of Plateau
State Government. Only the doctors
in the whole country did not go on
strike early this year. It is in view
of this that the implementation of
a new salary structure for medical
doctors in the service of the
state has attracted more doctors

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willing to come to the state.
His Excellency Rt Hon. Simon
Bako Lalong has also given an
approval for the commencement
of NHIS in the formal sector
and the process has reached an
advanced stage. Also worthy of
mentioning is the construction of
an e-library at College of Health
Technology in Zawan and soon
to be commissioned.
As a good team player, the Hon.
Commissioner for Health, Dr.
Kuden Deyin Kamshak is also a
constant figure during medical
outreaches as he personally
participated and handles all eye
It won’t be out of place to
conclude this piece by quoting
Antoine Desaint Exupery who
says, “True happiness come from
the joy of deeds well done, the
zest of creating things new”.
Your Excellency Sir, may your
reign continually be fruitful and
eventful as you take Plateau State
to the Eldorado. (Mountain Top)

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