Tyson Fury believes his clash with Wladimir Klitschko for the world heavyweight titles will be one of his ‘easiest fights’.
Fury came face to face with the unified champion in Dusseldorf on Tuesday but there was repeat of his previous antics when he dressed as Batman.
Instead, Fury kept it short and sweet, promising to leave Germany with Klitschko’s belts.
‘I think this is going to be one of my easiest fights,’ he said. ‘I know that sounds crazy because he’s a super champion and a world champion for 11 years but I see so many chinks in his armour.
‘There’s nothing he does that makes me afraid. There are so many things he doesn’t do very well and we’ll see what I’m talking about on Saturday night.
‘As we know, if I say a lot of stuff in the press conferences then we usually don’t have any fights. So I’m going to wind it back in and just wait for the fight night.
‘I didn’t believe this fight was going to happen for a long, long time. And he’s proved me wrong. This fight is actually going to happen.
‘Like I said, I’m coming and I’m coming really fast for you Wlad. Old champion, new champion. Enough said.’
Fury began the press conference in a sarcastic mood, saying: ‘Training is training as usual. Different day, different place. We had lots of sparring partners who all threw punches.
‘I was injury free the whole camp which was quite cool this time and we didn’t leave anything unturned that we shouldn’t have done.
‘I ate, slept, drank plenty of water and ate my vitamins so I should be feeling good come fight night.
‘It all crashes down to me as soon as I land into the town and I see the big posters everywhere and I actually feel like I’m involved in a fight now and I’m really nervous.
‘I never felt this way before – ever.
‘I feel really anxious and really nervous for this fight and all these people and cameras are actually making me shy and I’m forgetting what to say.
‘I’m actually shaking right now and I hope this is giving Wlad some confidence – not really, there we have it.’
Klitschko, who pulled out of their scheduled meeting in September with a calf injury, also declared himself ready.
‘It’s not the first time a fight had to be postponed,’ he said. ‘I had a short break but now I’m back on top and ready to fight.
I have faced many fighters that were different. This time, I have a colourful guy who’s young and wants the challenge.
‘I heard what he said, that he’s nervous, which means he’s well-prepared and alert. I’m nervous before every fight and I always face so many challenges. I’m happy that this fight will take place. We’ll see each other at the workout, the weigh-in and the fight. I want to thank the fans following this fight.’