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Help! 6- yr- old who feeds through the needle



Help! 6- yr- old who feeds through the needle

Kaduna 6-yrs-old Abdulkadir is currently hit with a strange health challenge and needs financial assistance to travel out of the country for the needed operation after local doctors have failed to remedy the health condition, writes Kaduna correspondent, Gabriel Udeh.

The story of 6-yr- old Abdulkadir Abdulwasiu who is plagued with an incurable ailment is pathetic.

Abdulwasiu who is a victim of circumstances, was hit by a strange ailment about four years ago and since then there have been a challenge to get him properly diagnosed by medical experts and doctors in Nigeria.

According to reports, as early as two years after birth, the fair but innocent boy stopped eating food normally. Indeed, he neither eats food nor drinks water except through an injection. Foods, whether corn, indomie, rice, Ewedu or pounded yam, must be grounded into liquid water and injected into the stomach of Abdulwasiu through a pipe or tube with syringe for him be fed. This had been the child’s feeding habit since two years after birth.

According to the father of Abdulkadir who gave his name as Abdulwasiu Suleiman, while narrating the sad story to Nigerian Pilot Weekend, in tears and sorrow, said his son was born without a problem as he was well breastfed up to two years by the mother.

The father also confirmed that Abdulkadir was eating some solid food before he even stopped breastfeeding by the mother but suddenly, he stopped and could no longer swallow anything through his throat anymore. Several efforts made by parents to know or restore the problem proved abortive.

Suleiman, father of five including Abdulkadir, is a butcher who sells Goat meats to earn a leaving for himself and family at Mando area of Kaduna state and therefore has little to combat the ailment or disease.

According to him, all efforts to overcome the strange disease failed and completely futile even in hospitals, like the University of Ibadan teaching hospital, where something was dropped into Abdulkadir’s throat to enable him begin to swallow. However, after medical investigations carried out on the boy also failed to yield positive result, the patient was then operated at the lower abdomen, and a tube inserted into the stomach for him to feed though injection.

Several other detail investigations and analysis in the theatre in Ibadan, were conducted without success as doctors thereafter advised the parents to look for N2 million in 2015, (now N4 million), for operation that may require traveling outside the country.

Pastors, Imams have prayed, and traditionalists have also tried but no solution was found to Abdulkadir’s health challenge, thus making the father to set out elsewhere for help where it could come from to enable him travel out of the country for his son’s operation.

“I was told that if I’m able to see Senator Shehu Sani, representing Kaduna Central, my son’s problem will be solved, so we’re looking for anybody who can help take us to him, that’s why we’re here at Asaa Pyramid Hotel anticipating to see Senator Sani or journalists that will take us to him for help or publicise us”, the father lamented.

You may be surprised to also note that, although Abdulkadir could neither eat foods nor swallow his saliva, he is so smart and goes to school regularly, play ball with peers, talk and can even cry louder.

A bit smart and kicking, the six year old is strong and looking undisturbed. He even had to cover his face in anger because he’s public shy and perhaps hate people taking his photograph, mentioning his name or recording his voice.

Up till date, Abdulkadir still feeds on blended food injected through the pipe connected into his stomach through the lower abdomen, as sympathizers have asked questions about the implication, of the boy growing into an adult without getting used to the normal feeding methods?

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