HERITAGE Bank has assured the
banking public that its ongoing
process of integration with the
acquired Enterprise Bank will result
in the building of more dynamic
brand that will offer great and
bespoke services.
Speaking during the Covenant
University’s 3-Day International
Conference for African Development
Issues (ICADI), which held at the
institution’s Campus in Otta, Ogun
state from Monday to Wednesday,
the Bank’s Adviser, Ivory Banking,
Titilayo Babaoye, said the Bank
would continue to strive to be known
for innovation and excellent service
delivery tailored to suit customers’
banking needs. She added that the
bank’s strategy of partnering with
various customers to help improve
their businesses and take same to
desired heights would remain
“Heritage Bank is a customer
needs driven entity. All our
platforms, processes and systems
have been configured to work
for our customers and drive
their banking satisfaction. Every
step of the way, we are with the
customer. This is the way to go.
Businesses must pay more and
more attention to the peculiar
needs of the customer. Banks
cannot afford not to work with
this golden rule if they hope to
survive”, she revealed.
Babaoye said with the recent
acquisition of Enterprise bank,
Heritage Bank now has a wider
platform to achieve wider
reach for deploying its greater
capabilities and value added
banking services.
“Our on-going merger process fills us with excitement because
we can see the exciting possibility
of creating a bigger platform for
the deployment of innovation,
excellence and customer-centric
services in a way never before seen
in the country. We understand
that true development requires a
collective effort and that is why we
are committed to offering support
and partnership for any and all
entrepreneurship ideas aimed at
creating, preserving and transferring
wealth, especially among youths
who are the pivot of the country’s
economic and socio-political future”.
In his opening remarks, the
Chairman of the Conference
Planning Committee, Professor
Olawale Daramola, noted that
African countries must find urgent
solutions to unemployment and
worsening standards of living
among citizens. He observed that
with Nigeria in particular, increased
national earnings had failed to
translate into better standard of living
for citizens. He therefore challenged
all economic stakeholders to come
together in the bid to bail out the
country from youth unemployment.
Covenant University, in her
continued quest for significant local
and global impact, established the
International Conference of African
Development Issues (ICADI) series
in 2014. ICADI is aimed at creating a unique platform for making
innovative contributions towards
value enhancement and capacity
development of the black man
and indeed, the African continent
from the Covenant University
The 2015 edition, which had
Heritage Bank as one of the
sponsors featured a Nobel
Laureate, Prof. Alvin Roth as
the Keynote Speaker and other
notable experts as guest speakers