Minister of Power, Works and Housing Mr. Babatunde Fashola, has hinted that a hitch-free traffic situation could prevent economic losses. This was part of a statement from his SA Media, Mr. Hakeem Bello. Fashola noted that the removal of obstructions on highways will ease traffic experience.
The statement issued yesterday noted that activities on the right of ways hindered the smooth transportation of goods to the parts of the country, causing delay and extra expenses on the highway.
It quoted Fashola saying, “Although there might not be any scientific measure to put a cost on what the driver had spent, he would like to get as much as he could to cover his cost,
“So, you can issue your permit for the Right of Way but be sure you have diminished the value of your own salary; because price of rice has moved up and you must buy. That is one way that we all undercut ourselves.” He told road controllers.
While listing some benefits of unhindered traffic, Fashola declared, “If that road moves freer and faster, even if today you don’t get a reversal, at least prices will stay where they are. You may not get immediate price reduction but you can get a stable price economy you can plan your life with. “So this is how our work impacts on human lives and there are many more examples you know, you are in the streets”, he said.
In his remarks, the Minister of State, Mustapha Baba Shehuri, noted that the challenge before the Ministry was enormous especially as regards to getting things right on Federal roads.
Shehuri pointing out that it had become a common sight to see “civilian volunteers” patching sections of the highways as one travelled across the country.
Describing it as a challenge to the Controllers, the Minister of State told them, “There are little things we can do to check some of these things. If we say we will wait or we are not going to do anything because there is no fund, we are not going to achieve anything.
“You have to reach out to local governments, to state governments and to the society to see that at least your part of the responsibility is delivered.” Shehuri advised Controllers.

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