• …offers more health benefit

HealtH drink category in
Nigeria, recently, received
an infusion of freshness and
innovation as Hollandia
Soya milk returned to the
shelves spoting a new look.
Widely known and
loved for its nutritious
and health benefits apart
from delicious taste and
smooth texture, Hollandia
Soya Milk is back with an
amazing new look, size
and design for consumers
Now, endorsed by the
Nutrition Society of Nigeria
“As a rich source of calcium
and vitamin A” and with
‘No Cholesterol’. Naturally,
soy based foods or drinks
help lower cholesterol
levels in the body.
With ‘No Cholesterol’
in Hollandia Soya milk,
it helps avoid cholesterol
build-up and keeps the
heart healthy. This is great
news for teeming health
conscious Nigerians.
Hollandia Soya Milk
also offers protein power,
calcium and vitamin C &D.
It appeals to every Nigerian
who is health conscious and
desires an active lifestyle
and a healthy heart.
Commenting on the
new launch, Chi Limited’s
Managing Director, Mr.
‘Deepanjan Roy, said “We
know that health is one
of the biggest motivating
factors in consumers’
decision making process, so
we decided to give them a
healthy soya drink that has
absolutely no cholesterol
leading to a healthy heart
and active life”.
This is clearly amplified
on the pack, which
features a strong blue
colour combination and an
assortment of small icons
that typify various sporting
activities that connect
with health conscious
consumers. The pack is
really unique; it comes in
two fantastic sizes; the one
litre pack and the smaller
315ml pack which has
prismatic shape making
it great for carrying about
just the right amount of
Hollandia Soya Milk to stay
active after some strenuous

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