We are not by any shadow of doubt unaware that good men are hard to find. In this clime where mediocrity in public and private practice thrives, every facet of the society has been infected with

poor and not-so-good services to man and society; and by implication, to self.
The rate of underdevelopment in Nigeria alongside its twin manifestation, crime and insecurity that have enveloped the people with a blanket of uncertainty and hopelessness continue to signpost our future which the country’s founding fathers prayed would be good. Or was it not Nigeria’s National Anthem that reminds us all that the labour of our heroes past shall not be in vain?
Even in many Oaths of Office sworn to by public officers and Articles of Agreement/Faith deposed to in other settings, there is always the expectation from deponents that service delivery in utmost good faith must underscore the worker’s application to his/her schedule of duty. Alas, in most cases, the results at the end of the day have been dismal and saddening. Simply put, self-aggrandisement instead of duty to the fatherland has been the hallmark all the way.
The 2015 edition of the Nigerian Pilot Newspapers/Nigerian Newsworld Magazine Awards which holds today is another of our many efforts at identifying performers in the society whose positive service delivery efforts have impacted on the lives of many in their respective environments and the larger Nigerian society. And need we add that the international dimension to the annual event this time around is a deliberate statement in telling Africa and the world that we are ready now more than ever to celebrate people, governments and organisations within and outside the country?
The foregoing is propelled by the fact that, in all things, situations and circumstances, honour must be given to whom it is due.
Accordingly, we congratulate all our awards recipients in today’s diet of our annual ritual of rewarding excellence. The award to Liberian President, Her Excellency, Mrs. Ellen Sirleaf-Johnson which gives a novel international flavour to the event, no doubt, is applaudable.
In the same vein, we thumb up every person that will be playing in today’s event.
You have each been carefully identified and called upon to contribute your utmost best towards the envisaged success of the evening. And what better way to ice the day’s cake than our annual lecture on the topic: Democracy in Africa and Emerging Security Threats: Issues and Challenges.
No doubt, this promises to be one edition of our annual ritual that will also interest Nigeria’s policy makers, the political class, security agencies and indeed the ordinary man on the streets of the country, given the current security challenges in the land. We pray that at the end of the day, a better informed audience, participants and officials will leave the Transcorp Hilton venue of the event satisfied.
Welcome to the 2015 diet of our annual lecture and awards.