There are clear indications that hoodlums have taken over the major pedestrian bridges in Abuja, especially the ones in isolated places have been taken over by hoodlums who disguise as pedestrians to rob innocent people of their belongings.
Apart from the robbery of innocent residents, the bridges are also fast becoming a smoking and hard drug intake bunk for the men of the underworld.
According to investigation by Nigerian Pilot metro, the operations of the hoodlums starts at the around 7 to 8 pm every day whenever workers have closed from work and are returning home.
A resident who spoke to our correspondent identified the flash points as Pedestrian bridges at Mabushi junction, Nyanya by Mopol bus stop, Area 3 junction and other ones at some isolated places.
The resident who prefers anonymity, said he has been robbed twice on top the dark pedestrian bridge close to Area 3 junction. “On that fateful evening when I closed from work, I rushed to area 3 to board a bus to Nyanya but due to the volume of cars that ply that expressway I decided to use the pedestrian bridge, but as I climbed, the bridge at that dark hour, I saw some young men positioned on top of the bridge. They beckoned on me to come close and cooperate with them.
“When I got there, they quietly cornered me one side and dispossess me of my hand bag containing my phone, N40, 000, debit cards, Identity card and my international passport. It looks like a drama to me, until few minutes later when it was done on me that the whole game was real.
Another victim of the pedestrian bridge, Mr. KayodeOluwatubosun while narrating his experience in the hands of the hoodlum said he ran into them one evening when he was trying to be a good Nigerian by not crossing the busy Area 1-Berger expressway, but using the pedestrian bridge in Mabushi expressway.
“The experience is better imagined than witnessed, I was dispossessed of all my important belongings including my laptop, I-pad, smart phones and the other important documents. It was like a film to me when the guys ambushed me at the top of the bridge under the dark hours at about 8:30 pm when I close from work and was crossing to other side of the expressway to board a vehicle home.
However, the investigation by Nigerian Pilot metro revealed that the cases mentioned above are just few out of the many cases being recorded everyday across the Abuja metropolis and other satellite towns. The investigation also revealed that personal belonging of the residents of the Abuja worth millions of Naira is lost on a daily basis on the account of the actions of these people.
Worried by the level of loses, the victims requested that the police and other security officials be positioned at these dark pedestrian bridges at night to guarantee the security of the pedestrians. They also advise that hawkers who occasionally occupy the bridge be sent packing.