House of Representatives has mandated its Committee on Banking and Currency to immediately come up with appropriate sanctions to the unwholesome practices perpetrated by top bank managers in the country’s banking sector.
The House took the decision yesterday following the adoption of a motion titled ‘Need to Curb Some Unwholesome Practices’ sponsored by Hon Segun Adekola.
In his lead debate, Adekola noted that many banks in the industry engage in some unwholesome practices, including unwillingness to pay their staff to casualisation and sometime outright dismissal of staff.
He further noted that top bank managers usually engage young female school leavers and set very unrealistic targets for them just to make profits.
Adekola informed his colleagues that some of these unwholesome practices had led some bankers to engage in some clandestine activities, adding that some unscrupulous persons had had carnal knowledge of these hapless female bankers just to meet their targets.
The lawmaker also hinted that these unwholesome practices were in contravention of the statutes of International Labour Organisation, ILO, and urged the House to intervene and address these evil practices in the banking sector.
Other lawmakers argued in favour of the motion that these bank managers had succeeded in reducing the moral fabrics of the society in their pursuit of profits.

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