King of Fuji music, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, has narrated how he got President Muhammadu Buhari to dance after 38 years.
The retired General, known for his stoic and strict lifestyle, bowed to the allure of good music when he came face-to-face with the Fuji exponent.
It was a rare sight to see Buhari move to the sound of music after 38 years; the last time being when he was a serving military officer.
Ayinde revealed that this feat was achieved during the All Progressives Congress, APC, presidential campaign in 2015 and subsequently at his inauguration ceremony.
“The president, then the presidential candidate of the APC, said he may have last danced to music at the Officers’ Mess. He then added that, ‘So I can say that your music is infectious. During the campaign, Mr. President said publicly that “I can’t remember when last I danced and twisted my legs to any music. That should have been about 38 years ago.
“That statement means a lot to me. I felt so honoured for a man of the caliber of the president to say such a thing. Moreover, he did the same thing at his inauguration ceremony where he danced once again to my music. As a matter of fact, when he got to the front of the villa, while going to the parade ground, he was giggling. It is a plus to my musical career and life.”

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