Last Friday, an irate mob attacked
the Dutse Sector Command of
the Federal Road Safety Corps,
FRSC, in Jigawa State, occasioning
damages, one death and other
persons injured.
According to an interim report
on the incident authored by the
sector commander, Angus Ibezim,
and obtained by Nigerian Pilot
yesterday, despite enforcement
called by the sector commander, the
mob was unrelenting and forcefully
removed impounded vehicles
among others.
Excerpts of the interim report
addressed to the Abuja head
office of the commision read: “The
enforcement patrol of today 14th
July 2017 started at about 07300hrs
by FRSC gate being a special
patrol two of the command vehicle
were stationed alone Shuwarin –
Dutse road opposite NNPC Mega
station, while the third vehicle was
stationed along Dutse-Shuwarin
road before the traffic light junction.
“As the enforcement progressed,
vehicles were impounded and
brought to the base as usual.
However, after making arrest of
about 10 commercial vehicles, a
MOB came to the command and
forcefully remove the impounded
vehicles arrested.
“The sector commander called
for re-enforcement from the police
to control the situation and Civil
Defence Corps, NSCDC, was also
“The MOB decided to block the
roads from all directions thereby
stopping the movement of traffic
within the town.
“As the Mob tried to release the
vehicles arrested a bag belonging to
the Marshal on duty at the gate was
missing and two of our Marshal
DCI Hassan I Kota and RMAII
Kabiru Adamu were molested by
the Bob.
“On the arrival of the reenforcement
team, the mob turned
on them and struggle started
between the mob and the men of
the Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC,
shots were fired an one person
among the mob was wounded who
later died, and one Police man was
also wounded.
“As an aftermath of that shooting
the mob gained access once more to
the Command office and destroyed
one of the patrol car 301 and one
patrol van Ford Ranger which was
outside up to this very time was
burnt by the same Mob.
“Meanwhile, a meeting convened
by the Commissioner of Police was
held to calm tension. The CP later
visited the Command to observe
things himself while the deceased
have been buried. Presently, the
situation is calm.”
Details of spoils at the end of the
mob action, according to the report,
include two FRSC patrol vehicles
were vandalized, (Car AO754RS
& unserviceable van Ford Ranger
AO 116 RS), one FRSC van was
burnt (Ford Ranger AO 119 RS), one
member of Dutse branch of National
Union of Road Transport Workers
was shot dead, one police officer
was wounded and hospitalised, ten
impounded vehicles were forcefully
removed from FRSC premises.