Ex-lesbian, Funmilola Ayotade narrates to PATRICK OBI of our Lagos bureau, her sordid ordeal at the hands of her boyfriend.
For ex-lesbian, Funmilola Ayotade, life has hit her below the belt as her resolve to make a change to her lifestyle by settling down with a man turned a sour ordeal.
Narrating her experience at the hands of a man who she thought would love and care for her, but has scorned and threatened her life. Funmilola revealed awful to Nigerian Sunday Pilot her heterosexual experience, which went.
She said one Mr. Sabitu Olawagbemi whom she knew when they were younger many years ago and lost contact till 2012 when they met again, but lost touch once more.
According to her, “not until last year (2014) when he put a call through as we ensued into series of conversation at different occasions and there he signified his intentions to me, his past relationship, experiences and what he is into presently.
“At that time, I couldn’t give him a straight answer because I wasn’t ready to venture into any heterosexual relationship with any man including him. But I saw the persistence in him, series of text messages and phone calls so I discussed it with people and they advised me to just give it a try.
“So I said since he is someone I knew and grew up with let us see what it would offer as it might bring an end to my homosexuality.
“I accepted his proposal. And he told me he was coming back to Lagos around June that he would want to see. So, I took permission from my office and they supported me and I was with him and he told me he wants serious relationship, settle down and get married as it has always been a challenge which he wanted to conquer.
“I told him that before I would accept him he should tell me about his past relationships and from his explanations, I realised that he had an inner problem, which he needed to resolve. I told him to put the issue of marriage aside for the time being so that we can get to know each other better. “Moreover, I told him to go and resolve the lingering issue in his past relationship. 
I did not hear from him until September when I had issues at my former place of work and he offered assistance in the form of a temporary apartment.
“During my stay there and going about my businesses I discovered that he does nothing for a living and I told him that he should look for something to do.
“So in the course of relating with him he asked me to lend him N20,000 that he wanted to change his wardrobe and get an android phone and I told him because those were frivolities even if I had that amount of money I won’t give him.
“In the course of time, I realised he wasn’t the serious type as he was always hanging around scammers and chatting with people online.
“I don’t pry into his privacy even his phone, but sometimes early this year (2015) I checked his phone gallery and discovered some things which included my nude pictures which were more than 18. I was startled.
“On that day, he was not at home. Before he came back I called someone and told her what I discovered and I was advised to challenge him in a mild way.
“On his return home, after cooking I asked him why he took my nude pictures without my consent. He apologised and explained that why he snapped those pictures was because he liked having my pictures on his phone and whenever he feels lonely he would flip through instead of watching pornographic materials which he has a whole lot of on his phone.
“I told him someone could pick the phone, transfer my pictures, and send them online that but he played it down that it won’t happen that he has a password on his phone.
“Three days later, he had some issues with his parents, as he is fond of keeping late night coming back around 12:00 a.m. or 1:00 a.m. On that day, he jumped the fence and smashed the gate saying that no one had the right to lock him out of the house and he started creating a scene threatening everyone even his siblings.
“His parents reported him to the police and he was arrested. Later they blamed his irrational behaviour on me that I do not advice him but I told them I have done my best but he is not ready change to his lifestyle.
“I went with him to Afoka police station in Shasha area and when he was released, I called him and told him of my decision to cut ties with him because he was not leading an exemplary lifestyle. But he begged me to forgive him and he also called my friends to plead with me.
“The day I was about to pack my things out of the house which was on a Tuesday, he started making trouble that he couldn’t find his certificates and that I won’t move out of the house until he gets his certificate. I told him to report the loss to the police.
“Later, I discovered he had removed my SIM card from my phone. When I asked him about it, he said he took them because he gave them to me but late at night when he was asleep, I took the SIM card.
“When he woke up a friend of his that slept in the house told him that he saw me with his phone and he started punching me and hit my head against the wall even the neighbours were begging him to stop he refused.
“After the whole thing, I went to a pharmacy where they gave me medication and thereafter I reported the incident to the Aforka police station, Shasha. “This was on April 22, 2015; they assigned an investigating police officer in the person of Sergeant Juliet to handle the case. She took my statement and left for that day.
“At night, they came with their van looking for him but he was nowhere to be found as he ran away. Since the incident happened, he has not returned home. 
“From his hideout he called a lawyer friend to beg , saying that he had made a mistake by beating me and wanted the issue resolved amicably.
“So the lawyer friend arranged a meeting between on us and on getting to the place I explained all that transpired between us to the lawyer including the issue of my nude pictures.
“The lawyer asked him to produce those nude pictures but he claimed he deleted them all and the lady lawyer asked him why did he them took them while I was asleep.
“He now apologised and I told him I am through with the relationship but I want him to open his four email addresses so that I could check if truly he didn’t post my nude pictures online.
“He assured the lady that he was going to allow me check his emails when we get home so that I can withdraw the case from the police station.
“But later we found that he never deleted the pictures as they were still on his phone. He also refused opening his email boxes for me to check for nude pictures rather he absconded from the house.
“I have moved away from the house and some people called that I should stay away from the guy as he has ordered a gang to deal with me whenever they see me around the vicinity.
Last Monday, on my way to the office he attacked and beat me which people saw but the police on their own part are not helping issues as they are trying to help him.
I want Nigerians to know that my life is being threatened as he has vowed to deal ruthlessly with me.
My advice to ladies out there is to beware of men. So many of them in Lagos who are graduates are into online scam and live a rich lifestyle with false promises of marriage, they are only after getting nude pictures of girls which they use for online fraud to make money.

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